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All this latest media is getting ridiculous-bunch of backstabbing little children.

Trump is better than that!

Ya'll really need to do better research








Trump ends funds to CCP military; Glitches found in key states; Giuliani...

Pennsylvania judge rules in Trump's favor; CA businesses sue governor ov...

One More Summer - An Aviators Synthwave Mix

Thursday, 12 November 2020

Karliene - Become the Beast - A Hannibal Fan Song

Aviators - Have Faith (Faith Song | Dark Southern Rock)

Aviators - Godhunter (NEW ALBUM | Alternative Rock)

Aviators - Traveler's Song (Fantasy Rock)


It's typical how the EvIl backs each other up-Trudeau respected-lol,and Biden's shoulders being swept as if to remove dirt. Trudeau and Biden old friends and will LOL " predictively "get along better than Trump.

Meaning their world agenda will have a better chance.

 Trump is a Lightworker ridding the evil from the planet.

No wonder the Elite are sabbotaging the Votes-and we ALL KNOW they were.

Pensylvania (Trump should have won)-and Georgia have quite a few  Satanics who don't want Trump to win, ,and Ottawa's Satanic Temple is growing fast.

It has been said by many "A vote for Biden is a Vote for the Chinese Communist Party"

Biden is not favoring the pipeline-with this new marriage of power in play,it will go in hand with the Albertan's being forced to go into other forms of employment (as stated in a previous post ) -knocking out the oil and gas industries all together-which is odd-Alberta has the most advanced system in place,but I can guess where this will be going-over east,as Trudeau seems to favor them-i mean HeLl-that is how he got HIS votes,by bringing them into Canada during his election period.

Politics makes me sick-the sad thing,we ALL pay for their treachery,and if Biden manages to weisel out of this-you can All KISS YOUR FREEDOMS GOODBYE!

Wednesday, 11 November 2020


 Hoorah - the Covid vaccine is here - roll up your sleeve

Conspiracy Theories have abounded about BLOOD and BLOOD PRODUCTS being used by satanic covens...

Rumours of ADRENALINE being harvested from snuff room victims, real-life vampirism performed surgically where ageing billionaires are transfused with teenager’s blood…

...And WITCHES BREWS containing crab blood...

...Many people have claimed that REPTILIAN GENES run through the BLUE BLOOD of ARISTOCRATS… 

Are the overlords really Reptilian? Or are they amphibian-cretacians? Either way, it looks like the BLOOD OF HUMANS is about to undergo a major GENETIC CHANGE…

It seems that Big Pharma is cooking up a particularly bizarre and potent WITCHES BREW for the COVAX jab… We’ll all be getting amphibian-cretacious [crab] blood directly injected into our veins as a ‘cure’ for the scamdemic…

This is no conspiracy theory - this is really happening…

Yes, every person who allows themselves to be jabbed with the COVAX is likely to be getting a homeopathic dose of BLUE BLOOD from one of the world’s most prehistoric creatures. The horseshoe crab is such a successful species it has not needed to evolve for at least 300 million years.

The thing about the crab blood that everyone notices first: It's blue.

This crab blood is said to be an important ingredient in the new, er, ‘vaccine’ which will, I am sure, become a mandatory requirement if you want to live in the high-tax authoritarian regime which the Deep State has planned for you…

Baby foreskins and crab blood are popular ingredients in a WITCHES BREW... find out more by clicking here

The blue blood contains a chemical found only in the amoebocytes of its blood cells that can detect mere traces of bacterial presence and trap them in inescapable clots. Clots… Yes COVAX will form clots… ‘But I though clots in blood cause strokes, high blood pressure and heart failure?’ - ooh - you know what - I think you’re right… But don’t worry these will be special ‘healing clots’ to heal you from the scamdemic…

Big Pharma concentrate the blue crab blood to create the clotting agent called coagulogen. Then, they can use the coagulogen to detect contamination in any solution that might come into contact with blood. If there are dangerous bacterial endotoxins in the liquid—even at a concentration of one part per trillion—the horseshoe crab blood extract will go to work, turning the solution into what scientist Fred Bang, who co-discovered the substance, called a "gel."

"This gel immobilized the bacteria but did not kill them," Bang wrote in the 1956 paper announcing the substance. "The gel or clot was stable and tough and remained so for several weeks at room temperature."

The blue blood in the new COVAX is extracted by stabbing the hearts of millions of horseshoe crabs and draining the tissue around the animals' hearts like pharmaceutical vampires. The blood sells for $15,000 per quart.

Ooooh! guess what - the FALLEN ANGELS TV series shows you that the blue-green skinned gods such as Shiva and Osiris are descended from Amphibious-Serpent humanoids and that several kings, queens and dukes in today’s world are members of the BROTHERHOOD OF THE SNAKE whose roots date back to the magic, telepathy and ancient technology recorded in Sanskrit histories such as the Ramayana...

Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Aviators - Monumental (Demon's Souls Song | Hybrid Alternative)

The 11:11 Awakening Meditation

 One of the many gifts the Divine Feminine offers us is the gift of intuition.


Our intuition works closely with the right hemisphere of the brain and the higher heart, offering us insights that bypass the confines of logic and reason.


Intuition is our natural inner Knowing. It transcends mental intellect, and connects us to the wisdom of the heart. It is the voice of our Spirit.


Our intuition speaks to us constantly, whether the mind chooses to be aware of it or not. It is always guiding us in the direction of our highest path, and nudging us toward greater expansion, so we can live the greatest version of our life in this fast-changing reality.


During November, we will be given many opportunities to strengthen our intuitive gifts.  


All that is asked of us, is that we be mindful of being present often. This will allow us to be open and available to the insights and intuitive nudges that will help us gently move into the next phase of our personal and collective journey.


By having a strong connection to our intuition, we empower every aspect of our lives.


The more we listen to and honor our intuitive gifts, the more aligned we are to creating a life of fulfillment, joy, Love, peace, prosperity, freedom, and well-being.


The 11-11 Doorway


On November 11 we will move through an important and powerful energetic doorway of healing known as the 11-11 Doorway.


The 11-11 Doorway is always celebrated through the gathering of millions of empaths, way-showers and cosmically aligned soul family from all around the world, via synched-up meditations that focus on Oneness.


The 11-11 portal is humanity’s call to the Divine Feminine to heal the aspects of Masculine energy that have forgotten their Divinity. She will go deep into the heart and psyche of the Masculine (in both men and women) and bring nourishing Love where there was once fear and separation.


Our collective gathering will help to alchemize personal and collective density into light, peace, Love, openness, and beauty.


Below is a heart-opening meditation that will help us to connect with and open up to the 11-11 Portal of Healing.


This meditation, or any meditation you desire to do, can be done anytime throughout the day of November 11th.


However, if you’d like to make it extra special, set a reminder for any of your local times of 1:11 am, 11:11 am, 1:11 pm, or 11:11 pm. Try this or any meditation that resonates with you around these times.


The 11:11 Awakening Meditation


Step 1: Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths.

Step 2: Smile with your right eye only (eyes still closed). Hold for 10 seconds.

Step 3: Smile with your left eye only (eyes still closed). Hold for 10 seconds.


Step 4: Imagine what it would feel like if your third eye (in the space between your eyebrows) was smiling. Hold that feeling for 10 seconds.


Step 5: Move the smile down from the third eye to your mouth and cheeks (a regular, big smile). Hold this smile for 10 seconds.


Step 6: Move the smile from your face down into your heart. Imagine what it would feel like if your heart was smiling big.


I like to see my heart as a cartoon heart-person, with a cute happy face and little dangly legs and hands, wearing a top hat, and doing a tap dance for me.


The key is to use an image that makes you feel happy and brings you joy. Envision your heart smiling and putting on this show for you, for at least 10 seconds.


Step 7: Say out loud: “I am fully open to receiving and giving unconditional Love now, with ease and grace. And so it is!”


Step 8: Affirm out loud at least 5 things you’d like to see manifest in the world, and reflect on how these things would impact you personally.


Step 9: Express gratitude to yourself and to the Universe for opening you up to all of the new blessings life has in store for you.


Step 10: Open your eyes, and observe over the coming days, weeks, and months, the new blessings that enter your life.


And that’s it!


On November 30th, we will complete the month with a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, which will help set the stage for an exciting, active, transformational December. We’ll chat more about that in the December Energy Forecast.


May this November bless you in extraordinary ways!


Although heartbreaking to witness and experience, the chaos we see depicted in life is due to a large percentage of humanity shifting from mind-based perceptions to heart-centered awareness, perhaps for the first time in many people’s journey. Currently, humanity is at a crucial midpoint in this shift, where the midpoint between the mind and heart is the throat.

Because the throat chakra centers around communication, it is no surprise to live in a world where so many voices choose to be heard. As the throat chakra opens in consciousness, it initially empties all the suppressed emotional density stored from past wounds, along with the words and feelings never shared with those who hurt us the most.

While the existence of mind-based perception can make it seem as if the voice is being used to fight against injustice and unfairness, the truth of heart-centered awareness may seem backwards to the cause and effect interpretations of mind.

While the mind’s job is to scan environments to match a reason or cause for our inner experiences, it is the outer world that has been manifested into such a hostile social and political climate to help the collective throat chakra open and empty out its history of repressed pain. Every complaint of injustice and corruption is valid and real. And yet, each situation only manifests for the deeper healing it inspires.

The question is, how much of our current collective upheaval will we personally allow to deepen our healing and expand our consciousness?

As the collective throat chakra opens and stabilizes, our depth of expression can be used in its most conscious and constructive manner as the voice of the heart. Because humanity is en route to this stage of stabilization, we are currently living in a time when life is manifesting whichever timelines of scenarios that give individuals within the collective justifiable reasons to share their voices and release their pain, even though the very things many people are so vocal about are not the underlying root of such emotions.

While humanity shifts out of a mind-based identity and into alignment with heart-centered consciousness, it becomes easier to see external manifestations are created to heal the wounds and feelings already stored within us.

As each person undergoes phases of healing that external realities instigate, the more heart-centered energy can be carried in our cells to inspire external reality to transform more into accordance with the light we are cultivating within.

While external progress occurs through many levels of empowered human contribution, and not solely from an energetic standpoint, it is the energetic component of healing ourselves that remains a vital catalyst and central theme of necessity in our awakening world right now.

During this particular shift of exiting the mind and entering the heart, it can feel like existing in limbo land or purgatory for many. While we may no longer be so tightly locked into the interpretations and beliefs of a mind-based identity, we equally may not have fully entered the new home of the heart. This highlights a rather crucial level of dark night of the soul, where we cross the bridge of identity from mind to heart by making peace with uncertainty.

Because uncertainty is one of the mind’s biggest fears and the heart’s most faithful allies in letting go, it is common for the mid-point of the throat chakra to be used to express discord and dissonance in any direction.

Again, while wholeheartedly believing its feedback solely pertains to the movement of outside activity when in fact, it is how the nervous system adjusts to uncertainty becoming a friend instead of remaining a foe.

For many right now, there is still a tendency to fight uncertainty, which is why during a close presidential race, the slow counting of votes, the questioning of the voting process, and even the pondering of corruption on either side highlights the very uncertainty manifested to further assist in humanity’s shift.

Whether we are seeing radical shifts in the consciousness in ourselves or others, or more likely amplified tension, chaos, and violence, we are holding space for the biggest shift the identity of humanity has ever experienced. This is a shift that is guaranteed to reach completion, whether experienced with the utmost peace or resisting and fighting every step of the way.

When we are more aware of the larger cosmic themes in play, we are able to have a more heart-centered experience of humanity’s evolution, no matter how many loved ones, close friends, or neighbors must fight their fight before they are able to fully wake up.

Indeed, this is an intense time on planet Earth, but we have been primed over many lifetimes to call in a new heart-centered consciousness by the space we hold and the inner work being completed.

As the throat chakra continues to open and stabilize, it is a time to offer forgiveness, whether we have gotten lost in blame or experiencing the blame of others.

 Forgiveness doesn’t make anything 'okay'. Instead, it’s our most heart-centered way of acknowledging unconscious behavior as a state of survival that overtakes the awareness of those who are unaware of the deeper healing journey causing outcomes and events to manifest with precision.

Because humanity has ventured out of the identity of mind, but hasn’t quite landed in the openness of heart, it will also be a time where mental imbalances amplify and get triggered on a more regular basis.

With virus numbers spiking in many states and countries, and mental illness showcasing the aggressive side of unprocessed pain, it is truly a time in history to hunker down, nestle in, and anchor the light that helps humanity heal by how deeply we make peace with the nature of uncertainty.

To help you clear any lingering fears of uncertainty and embrace it as an agent of greater surrender, please repeat the following mantra:

“I don’t have to know where life is headed to know I AM supported.”

This can be adjusted to satisfy whichever degree of external discord has consumed your attention. Maybe it's, “I don’t have to know where the election is headed to know I AM supported.” Perhaps it's, “I don’t have to know where my health is headed to know I AM supported.” Maybe for you, it's more, “I don’t have to know where 2020 is headed to know I AM supported.” Or even the deepest one of all, “I don’t have to know anything more — to know I AM supported.”

Such a mantra helps you exit the looping mechanism of needing constant mental reassurance, so you may rest in the truth of 'okayness', which is always present, no matter how any situation or scenario plays out.

From this greater surrendered acceptance in the greater cosmic plan waking up in all, you may discover another helpful mantra: “There is peace in uncertainty when I let it guide me.”

As we allow uncertainty to be a way of opening into greater faith by escorting us across the threshold of fear, we come to realize, the majority of fears were only as relevant as our identity was attached to mind-based perceptions of interpretation.

As we allow the throat to empty its history of pain, intending to release it mindfully instead of at anyone’s expense, we venture deeper into a more heart-based identity, where all layers of fear are transformed into renewed expressions of inspiration, courage, passion, and excitement. This is the work at hand for the deeper healing underway, offering you an alternative focus to the chaos and confusion in view.

Once humanity is more rooted in heart-centered consciousness on a collective level, may we begin to see the external progress that matches our path of inner change.

This will happen faster than we may imagine, even when in this current phrase of healing it's so easy to seem light years away.

May we use the mantras offered to make peace with uncertainty and adopt a more patient, tolerant and forgiving spirit as humanity continues its evolutionary inward spiral.

Often in our darkest hours, the brightest light begins to dawn. As we each hold space for the light of unity consciousness to illuminate this world into greater collective balance, we equally offer gratitude for the courage of each soul to undertake this process of transformation for the contributions it makes for Earth’s expansion.

May we be grateful for such a surreal year in history, where the evolution of consciousness cannot permit denial to imprison us in doubt for even a moment longer.

While some may see this period in time as a punishment, it is actually an incredible gift of transformation allowing us to witness the gravity of Ascension up close and personal, whether in its most gritty or graceful expression.


May we hold space as the mind-based shield of humanity’s attachment to certainty dissolves enroute to a more heart-centered way for all. Knowing, the most conscious way to end global conflict is to remove the shields always in search of another fight.

Through the beauty and power of embodied love, may we remember that we don’t have to know where life is headed to know we are supported, simply because -- there is peace in uncertainty when letting it guide us.

Love always wins. Our time is now.

All For Love

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Get this kindergarten student out of office!





"Trump is one of the best conservative presidents in modern history — if you turn the sound off"

Meaning the Bullshit Propaganda!!!

And He is Republican.

Aviators - Let There Be Fire (feat. Miracle of Sound) (Dark Souls Song |...

Aviators - Angel of the Dark (Dark Souls Song | Fantasy Rock)