Friday, 11 December 2020

Prions The Secret Genocidal Component In Covid-19 Vaccines?

 Most everyone suspects that something VERY small is being put in the Covid-19 vaccines  to accomplish the mass genocide the elite have planned for about 90% of the world population. A nanotech machine?  Something else?  

I am now 100% certain that covid-19 vaccines contain genetically-engineered PRIONS  with long incubation periods  designed to cause transmissible  spongiform encephalopathy (TSE) thus causing brain damage that leads to death.    A slow death, a  miserable death ... a mass genocidal death that doesn ' t require a real estate- destroying thermonuclear war.

Prions - The Danger Of Biochemical Weapons (Adding Prions To The Coronavirus Vaccines)

The knowledge of biotechnology increases the risk of using biochemical weapons for mass destruction. Prions are unprecedented infectious pathogens that cause a group of fatal neurodegenerative diseases by a novel mechanism. They are transmissible particles that are devoid of nucleic acid. Due to their singular characteristics, Prions emerge as potential danger since they can be used in the development of such weapons. Prions cause fatal infectious diseases, and to date there is no therapeutic or prophylactic approach against these diseases. Furthermore, Prions are resistant to food-preparation treatments such as high heat and can find their way from the digestive system into the nervous system; recombinant Prions are infectious either bound to soil particles or in aerosols. Therefore, lethal Prions can be developed by malicious researchers who could use it to attack political enemies since such weapons cause diseases that could be above suspicion. php?script=sci_arttext&pid= S0101-20612014000300001& fbclid=IwAR10GXp- Bys05fXZqmuUNqJcIjAQz5Ly8DVfgO CqEp9zBsGS9yXOP7bluqs

Prions Made In The Lab - Deadly Weaponized Prions To Be Used  As Part Of The Mass Genocide Of 90% Of Humanity?

The military-industrial complex has been studying prions for decades and has not only been able to make them in the lab since 2016 but also to have precise control over their pathogenic behavior releases/2016/01/160104081251. htm?fbclid=IwAR1TcW- 6vZ1OiVGPlYrHIX8lTpHpKCIM7tNLX 2eiEqYHprtju6ND80WFh3g

.Do not accept any covid-19 vaccine! You have been warned!

The fatal damage caused to the brain is transmissible from a vaccinated, infected person to an unvaccinated healthy person.  Therefore, there is no need to vaccinate the entire population. The vaccinated people will quickly spread the weaponized prions to the unvaccinated through bodily fluids, from saliva to  sexual intercourse. diseases.../prion-diseases...

Here's Why Covid-19 Vaccines Like Pfizer's Must Be Kept So Cold

Preventing honest and independent scientists from discovering that covid-19 vaccines contain prions is accomplished primarily by the extraordinarily low temperatures of -94 degrees Fahrenheit (-70 degrees Celsius) under which these vaccines are kept.  Temperatures that require such special freezers will enable governments to control access to these vaccines and thus prevent anyone from studying their ingredients. article/coronavirus-covid-19- why-vaccines-cold-freeze- pfizer-moderna?fbclid=IwAR2_ 44DaRPtYNinOFKHIRGFddGbpYTd0Cn PL69u6TlfXnrEHRMBNPeqSEZ8

This is of life and death importance.   Share this far and wide. 
Your life depends on it.

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