Monday, 4 January 2021

The Complicit and Politicized Military Leadership

 This topic is a vital one to the American Republic. During our long history of military campaigns, from Boston Commons to the advent of WWII,the US military was predominately served by career officers and senior enlisted (referred to as career men or lifers).

We will not focus on the enlisted class (for a class unto itself it truly is) in this article, rather, this article will focus on the career officer class. Until the period immediately prior to WWII when under FDR politically astute and politicized men were given a preference for promotions based on their political views and the political aims of the party in power. These individuals would eventually form the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the 1950's onwards. These men would be the paradigm shift for the US military.

In the period under examination, the typical career officer was from a more privileged background, usually well connected in the financial sphere, these scions of well-to-do families entered military service as a consequence of the social understanding of the obligations of citizenship. These future leaders knew the social compact existing in the social milieu in which they lived. The ideals of American exceptionalism was ingrained into their psyches as was the ideal of service to ones neighbors and fellow citizens (something that is missing from a majority of our current society).

Higher education was something reserved for the few not the many and those whose families could afford to send their sons to college had a wide variety of excellent schools from which to choose, including a number of highly regarded military academies such as VMI, The Citadel and Norwich University, all educating young men that aspired to a military career but didn't possess either the grades or the political strings to get into one of the service academies.

Politics didn't play much in promotions, assignments or the actual career of the officer during this time frame. Politics usually didn't raise it's ugly head until after military service was completed and the officer retired or otherwise honorably separated from military service (the National Guard and Reserves as we know them really didn't come about until WWII).

In fact, there are still prohibitions and regulations in the UCMJ against engaging in political activities while in uniform or while serving on active duty. Prior to this time, in order to serve in the military, a holder of a political office (or even holding an office by appointment) such office had to be resigned prior to entering military service.

Thus, the average career military officer was apolitical, dedicated to serving his country, educated and of a social class that was above that of most Americans. Promotions were hard to come by, assignments were usually very long term (the exceptions were usually during periods of war, i.e., the Civil War) and the career officer cadre was small enough that most officers either knew each other directly or by reputation from others who had served with them.

This is the ideal that was adhered to for almost two centuries with great effect and positive attributes for both the individual officer and the Republic.

No longer! Todays officer is most likely to serve only long enough to complete their obligation for their education, whether it be at West Point, Norwich or ROTC at any of the universities that still participate. The officer is of no specific class and often is a political animal, participating in military service for self aggrandizement as well as for financial reasons. Those that are politically motivated often become career officers.

Not with the ideation to serve the Republic and their neighbors but to serve their political ideals and get ahead of others hoping to be promoted. The current policy of up or out rids the services of those who are not politically motivated, whose dedication is solely to the service of their nation (and who usually are the most astute warriors and planners). These politically motivated officers seek out another politically savvy officer a few years older and a few ranks higher and "hitch themselves to his wagon" so to speak.

Sad to say, we rarely see non-political officers above the rank of Major and never above the rank of Colonel. It appears that the real soldiers, sailors and Marines rarely get promoted above the O-5 level. Beyond there it is all pure politics, who you know, who knows you, who you served on your latest Pentagon tour and what your politics are. Not your skill as a member of the military or your skill or service on the front lines, in harm's way. I'm sure retired LTC Allen West saw the same thing.

For this reason we do not see the current "Cold Civil War" that is occurring in our nation getting hot. That's because the senior leadership know their positions and eventual wealth (through employment post military with the military industrial complex as an advisor or board member to one of the very wealthy corporations that have a lock on military procurement) are dependent on their kow-towing to the party in power. Until the day a senior General or Admiral stands up with their compliment of servicemembers and refuses to follow the orders of this administration, the "Cold Civil War" will remain so and our Republic will continue it's long slide towards Totalitarianism and the destruction of the Republic, all in direct violation of their oaths.

The average servicemember that is not a Zampolit (political officer) is disgusted by their Commander-in-Chief and the politicized senior officers making up the command structure that through their political pandering endanger every servicemember at the pointy end of the stick. They want Obama out, they want to either be released from the bullshit ROE and divisive ca-ca and actually FIGHT our enemies with a will and a desire to win or come home.

The very military that has historically been the backbone of our country has been hijacked by Zampolits and made complicit in the destruction of our Republic through political means as well as through the efforts of the Cultural Marxists to weaken and destroy our backbone and military culture.

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