Thursday, 30 July 2020

Who Is God

Who is God,and where the heck is he???????
These are the questions asked by many these days.
God is in each and everyone of us.The decisions made for the so called greater good which is all based on lies and greed makes us come to these questions.
God has not left the building-it is our decisions that has made the World what it is.
Make better choices for yourselves and others,live honestly and do better.

Let's end Greed and Suffering

Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Divided Are We-Well Planned

Interesting point made on the radio. “The world is becoming divided, between those who are vulnerable (or close to vulnerable people) and those that aren’t. The latter have freedom, the former self imprisoned.”
Like a theme to a dystopian novel.
Have you read THE MACHINE STOPS by E H Foster?

 First there was Brexit.
Then Covid-19.
Now the biggest recession in centuries.

Wanderers, Starseeds, And The New Earth

A Secret Agenda for Interplanetary War

Friday, 26 June 2020

Dr Sherrie Tenpenny Will You Accept Compulsory Vaccinations? - Refusing ...

Correction: Patent for SARS-CoV-2 is held by QinetiQ Plc, Surrey, UK, a Crown Corporation based in Pirbright Institute, UK. Major investors in QinetiQ include Elizabeth II, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative, Carlyle Group, Wellcome Trust, Glaxo, Merck, Sanofi, Pfizer and more. Bioweapons/electromagnetic technologies are developed on Pirbright campus. Many intel operations are centered under the village with European satellite hub aboveground. The first Lord Pirbright (Henry Rothschild de Worms) sponsored Rhodes, Stanley, Oppenheimer, de Beers, and a young Churchill in the African rape known as Boer Wars. Where Burroughs-Wellcome Drug Co. of London did the world’s first mass injecction of prisoners to study the eugenics and ‘human resource management’ experiments. Forerunner of Nazi methods as practiced by Mengele. And Bill Gates SENIOR was fully influential in Rockefeller/Morgan/Farben eugenics ‘philanthropies’ so it’s little surprise that Junior wants to fill Daddy’s impossibly futile attempt by the cabal.
Some parts they are making you take vaccine or no assistance! WE NEED TO SAY FUCK YOU and jab them with their nanobots!

Dr Sherrie Tenpenny #DrTenpenny #DrSherrieTenpenny about the urgency that we step into our power, refuse to be manipulated, and strengthen our c...

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Pierre Trudeau and the 6 Classes of Canadian Citizen


 W-E-L-L,seems the "Justice" system and Gov't DO NOT CARE about our rights as humans-as I always point out,they will ALLOW LANDLORDS to kick you out of your HOMES if you CANNOT pay your RENT.I wanted to see how far this greed would go in these uncertain times and unforseen acts of violence and coruption with this cOVID 19 BS- and got taken to a hearing with the renters board -they plan on people being HOMELESS-JUDGES FAVOR LANDLORDS.I did however get MY point accross,and got the rent lowered to half-and of course have to make up the rest at a later date.The JUSTICE SYSTEM,BANKS,and LANDLORDS KEEP THE GREED GOING.THEY ARE THE DOWNFALL FOR HUMANITY.LET'S DO AWAY WITH THE 1%!!!!