Monday, 5 February 2018

Are We on A People Farm?

How do you define “Happiness”?
One of the most fleeting experiences in our lives.Is Happiness defined as “Freedom”?
What is “Freedom”? Free to chose your life,not get caught up in the Tangled web of the Corporate
( tm) World.Live in joy,in the moment,taking back your life and realizing that this is YOUR experience,you are not just a bank number,and you are worthy because you are you:)
We are all just energy,filling this gap that has turned into a spiraling black hole of despair.
How to find Happiness is to break free of it and stand up for our birth right,our voice,and OUR OWN CHOICES.
Is the Government on our side? HAHAHA!!! NO! All the “Leaders” (LOL) are corrupt and psychopaths-forcing their greed upon us and making us their slaves to line their pockets and making us sick to keep the process going.To break free of the chains is to WAKE UP and educate yourselves,find balance in your lives,stop chasing everyone elses dreams and find your own.
stop buying into Bitcoin because it is a scam which is making us pay for it on top of-to control our freedom of cash on hand-so we all have to go on the grid and get caught in the trap of crypto currency
which in turn makes us slaves.We already are slaves with crypto,hammering out the kinks at our expense and the corporate criminals smiling the whole time because it is lining their pockets from our failures.
We need to live holistically,get rid of tech as much as we can,take our children camping,tell stories of ancestors,teach our kids how to find medicine in plants instead of through pills,keep our bodies fit,and most importantly-respect our families and where we come from! Are you going to let that be stolen from you too?

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