Monday, 5 February 2018

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Welcome to Spiritual Forum !
Where we  are all recognized and a part of the WMA
Site Donations are due  upon sign up
This is a School based site,all members are asked to donate $50 for course classes/groups offered to go for site upkeep,and seriousness of members.This ensures the site free of BS.
Once upon sign up,you have 24 hours,or account will be deleted,for reasons of copying material
All (Reiki) courses, especially and( Wicca 101) come with  a certificate
Wicca 101 classes are to be held for 1 year and a day
Please stop by and check out the Tarot group

Other Courses/Groups are Shamanism(short),Mentalism, Akashic Record Training Chi Gung,Diamond Lightbody,
 Parapsychology, Metaphysics, Sociology, Chi gung ,Phys-co Therapy, Brain Training, Lightbody, Physics ,Astral, Astrology ,Energy healing,Wizardry, Phsychic developement ,Tarot School, Wicca 101 ,Natural healing techngques, Herbal Healing Shamanism, to Soap and Candle making, and so much more.

#Find Your Message-Change Your World#
I encourage you to watch the videos and print off the photo's in the photos section.
Please check out kOTR in the Events page up top to view the upcoming:)
If you have a special craft-you are welcome to share in the store

Spamming is immediate dismissal
Information on this site stays on-site
Enjoy this little Metaphysical Community!

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