Saturday, 5 May 2018

AMAZON-the online retailer

Not only does the population know that Amazon is the biggest Corporate retailer to ever hit the internet,but also sells poison knowingly-like the recent outbreak found in their tumeric powder. I have been a customer to Amazon now for the last 5 years or so as I am also a crafter,and bought my supplies from them. However,be careful of the Dragon that shows its fire-or so Amazon thinks they are all that! Laughable. What they are though,and I give them this credit with a five star,is deliberate thieves.With the latest in free advertising from the foolish affiliates,they have taken my money several times and not send the product.What they are is deliberate thieves,with no resolution power. How long do you think they will stay in business? I encourage ALL bloggers to post about Amazon ripping them off-as I KNOW there are a lot of you out there ,who also craft. Wishing you much success Amazon in sinking your Corporate butt


......and OH! I will be CANCELLING my account.

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