Sunday, 13 May 2018

Head The Warnings of The Collective Extraterrestrials

The Pleiadians are a collective of extraterrestrials from the star system The Pleiades. They call themselves our ancient family because many of us" came here from The Pleiades to participate in the new experiment of Earth. 

 The holographic nature of the cosmos means that the Galactics, as they like to be called, are able to use their projectors (we all project and co-create our realities) to focus on creating the reality that is most positive,and is indeed a matrix with many sub-matrices in existence, as well. Some of the beings exist across multiple dimensions. 

It is a co-created, negotiated in real-time, collective reality. Our individual consciousnesses are projections that we create and when married with similar projections from other beings, the collective reality becomes manifest. We are all essentially AI, if you think about the cosmos from a technical/IT perspective. The dark beings are IT experts, in a manner of speaking, and have made a mess of the security infrastructure relative to planet Earth. They are hackers of a sort, and were trying to lead humanity onto a negative timeline. However those efforts will be subverted by benevolent extradimensionals.

  Some extensions of multiverse or parallel universes hypotheses are not entirely correct — there is not a dimension spawned at every decision point — only observed realities come into or stay in existence. Most of the other dimensional realities experience time differently than we do, as well. They call it ‘no time’. It doesn’t mean that things don’t progress in a linear fashion, but they are able to perceive multiple possibilities simultaneously. They then choose to train their observation on the possibilities they want to manifest. Many beings can instantly manifest within their realities (which would look like magic to us), but some manifestation requires collective effort/observation over time (like it does with us).

 Events can be altered,and we can change the course of history.Earth lost her sovereignty,but was to be an intergalactic exchange centre of information of many galaxies to be stored ,Earth was raided half a million years ago to remain uninvolved and controlled.The Pleiadians are back to inspire us and to remind us who we are and to trigger our memory banks to alter our frequency on the planet for codes of consciousness -our own identity of light frequency.

A terrany that was let loose on Earth is now returning back to the Pleiadians .They stripped us from our heritage of the 12 stranded DNA for a higher purpose. They need us to evolve,but before they can the Pleiadians need to heal the past for their next stage of development.Forms of other intelligence can also be made from our stranded DNA. They need to give all their rights and abilities to all they created.We then if evolved will give off codes of formulas-they will be freed with our freedom. Right now the pleiadians are hooked up in the matrix,prisoners of technology like borg collectives and pleading with us to be freed from the wifi and technologies as these were introduced by the darker entities to keep us imprisoned as well.They are our future,and telling us to be around natural surroundings,healthy food,meditate,and evolve.The Mayans figured out how to get to different worlds,through infusing and bending reality to open portals and influence other times.All cultures will operate back onto this multidimensional plane and all libraries will be restored.

The recent deterioration of Earth and her environment was created to move and activate us into change as we the humans, are transducers of Energy. As members of the families of light we inform systems and reconstruct realities-as we are the holders of these codes and must go beyond our boundaries by evolving. We are here to remember our grand purpose of life,make better choices,that is why we reincarnate many times to alter reality-we are to change the course of history.

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