Saturday, 12 May 2018

Syria Has "Genetically Modified" Super Soldiers-Syrian Ambassador Claims

Meldonium was created in the 1970's by scientists at the USSR Latvia Institute of Organic Synthesis and was used to expand soldier's oxygen capacity and boost endurance of Russian troops in Afghanistan. As for the United States Department of Defense, the Pentagon states that Russia is secretly creating enhanced human operations technology also known as "bionic superhumans". These "bionic superhumans" are not only stronger, faster, and more deadly, they have computer chips built into their brains to make them follow orders.
For the second time now, Syrian ambassador Bashar Jaafari made the bold claim that western nations are sending "genetically modified" super soldiers to fight alongside Syrian opposition forces. These forces are comprised of various terror cells and rebel groups as well as fighters from all across the globe.
Putin appeared before students at the Youth Festival in Sochi last year and made the claim that nations are currently working on creating genetically modified super soldiers and warned that such a threat would "worse than a nuclear bomb".

My question is were we first? Then upscaling us as a  species .......

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