Thursday, 21 June 2018

Spiritual Coaching Available

Spiritual life coaching helps you discover your life purpose, inspiration, and reason for being. Your first intuitive consultation can bring about marvelous internal transformations with immediate benefits to your sense of empowerment and well-being. A private intuitive consultation with helps clarify your goals, improve your ability to tune into intuitive wisdom, and determine the most effective actions to take and plans to make for maximum results. In the supportive environment of spiritual life coaching sessions, you can say anything without being judged while breaking free from fears--spoken and unspoken--that have been holding you back, in order to better see an expanded horizon of possibilities from which to choose. Intuitive consultations can help you sort out how best to interact with people, ideas and things in your life for best results. Intuitive consultations can feel life-saving during times of personal and professional crises and challenges, and regenerating in calmer times. Every consultation has the power to assist you in deepening your relationship with your true self and the world in ways that furthers your spiritual, intuitive, and evolutionary growth as you explore your most beneficial options in a multiverse of infinite possibility.
Why Work with an Intuitive Coach?
Just as even the most successful Olympic athletes perform better with assistance from their coaches, you can benefit from intuitive insights that help you better see both the big picture and a clear view of yourself at the top of your game. Coaching decreases your stress levels as you make life changes, helping you better utilize your natural gifts. When you better and more deeply understand your role in your life story so far, and come to appreciate your own unique hero's journey, you can:
Better hear your true calling
Learn new ways to respond to difficult people and situations
Make balanced, focused decisions and life plans
Get unstuck so you can reach personal and professional goals
Discover your natural gifts and a sense of life purpose
Bring your dreams into reality
Receive validation for your intuitive insights
Make graceful life transitions
Each session takes into consideration your specific questions and intentions for the consultation, and weaves your questions and intent into a balanced whole with intuitive messages. Assessing energies involved with various locations and people and utilizes a variety of techniques that include: Angel Healing, Animal Communication, Animal Totems, Astral Travel, Aura Healing, Aura Readings and Chakra Balancing, Dream Interpretation, Energy Clearing, Meditation, Negative Entity Removal, Non Violent Communication, Past Lives, Pranic Healing, Prayer, Qi Gong, Quantum Jumping, Reality Selection, Relationship Reading and Healing, Reiki, Remote Viewing, Soul Retrieval, Spirit Communication, Stichomancy, Tarot Card Reading and Toning.
Sessions available @ each $50-inbox me onsite if interested:)

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