Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Conflict,Pain,and Suffering

Ours is a broken world. We must speak the truth. Spirituality is not only about “love and light.” Goddess Spirituality, which I often call Goddess feminism, grew out of the feminist movement, which was born in the recognition that all is not well in the world. A central insight of Goddess feminism is that women need the Goddess because when we picture God as exclusively male, we create a world in which boys and men believe they are like God, while girls and women believe they are less than men and God.

In this world in which rape is an ordinary part of war, women are paid less than men for the same work, sexual harassment and sexual aggression are tolerated in workplaces, one in three women will suffer physical or sexual violence from an intimate partner and many of them will be murdered by an intimate partner. Feminism was born when women began to speak up about these injustices and many others.

The Goddess may be love. I believe that She is. But love is not blind.  Goddess not only loves the world, She also understands it. She is always there in our joy and in our suffering. She is the “still small voice” within us that urges us to speak out about everything we know to be wrong.

Some of us have been taught that it is not “Christian” to rock the boat. Others have learned from New Age teachers that we must always project “love and light.” But as Beverly Harrison wrote, anger can be a work of love. When the world is not a loving place for all of us and for all beings, it is our duty to speak out about the harm that is being done—in our homes, in our communities, in politics, in the world.

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