Tuesday, 3 July 2018

The Fountain of Youth-TruthSeeking

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Yup:) I always said I was on a journey to find the Fountain of Youth.I have promoted Ormus,had my own purify water site,read countless books on Alchemy-but the funny thing is that it has always been 'IN" us.I have to apologize to my late Grandmother "Goldie"-for I had first heard of this from her.When she told me this I was around 9 or 10 and thought she was just pulling a prank. The lost knowledge has always been flaunted in our faces with these cute fountains-just mocking the sleepers of society most have turned into with all the dumbing down from the chaotic and greedy morons who run our health and country to the ground. This obviously has the power to heal as it is referred to as the Fountain of Youth,can promote better skin,has been said to regrow teeth,and give thicker and healthier hair.Not to mention proven to heal all disease! What is it you ask? Urine Therapy...yup! You read right:) Drinking a glass a day can do all that,and rubbing it on your skin can also detoxify your body. How do you prepare it you ask? Make certain you are clean-that means keeping hairs trimmed short! Just pee in the toilet for the first few seconds,catch the middle stream in a jar,and let the last in the toilet-just like you do for the urine samples for the doctors! Funny though isn't it? The whole time you are going to the doctors to find a cure through your urine-they are asking you to pee it out and waste it-then sent home with a costly prescrip!!! Just an fyi-do not let the jar touch your personal as you fill the jar. The experts also remind us that you do not have to be pure and free of toxins to do this.Our body is a natural cleaner-so dis eased or not-it is always safe to use to heal our bodies.First mornings pee is the best to work with as it has the most information in it to heal your body,and loaded with melatonin.If you do not want to drink-just a few drops under your tongue for 10 minutes.The best is to drink a gallon a day.
Happy purifying and healthier Healing! For we HAVE found the Fountain of Youth:)

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