Saturday, 19 January 2019


Image may contain: text that says '20 minutes that can change everything THE TIME HAS COME! 144 000 NEEDED RETURN OF LIGHT ACTIVATION 01. 21. 2019 5:11 AM UTC'

CALL TO ALL LIGHTWORKERS, RETURN OF LIGHT PLANETARY MASS MEDITATION, set your alarm clocks and join on January 21st at 5:11 AM UTC.

All the previous planetary mass meditations have led us to this important moment. Now we all have a choice either to participate in this mass planetary meditation or to ignore it. However, before you want to disregard this meditation let me remind you that YOU DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE in this world. Even you as a single participant, EVERY HEART MAKES A DIFFERENCE.
The effect of this meditation will be seen in Schumann resonance (Earth's heartbeat)
You may want to ask what we can achieve by participating in mass meditation. Here is an example:
On 13 September 2018, Lightworkers started to organize Mass Meditation to minimize the impact of Typhoon Mangkhut and Florence Hurricane. And what are the results ? By 17 September morning, Typhoon Mangkhut has weaken and became into a Tropical storm. Then, by 3 PM the wind speed in most areas were below level 5, and by 17 September North Carolina is under level 5 wind. Weather forecast and mass media expected the impact of the storm to last for much longer. If the lightworkers did not organize these mass meditations, more countries such as England, Iceland and Ireland would be at risk as well.
Here is a video showing the impact of these mass meditations on Typhoon Mangkhut:
This is what we can achieve collectively using the power of mass meditation.
So YOU DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE ! If you think that planetary situation is unexceptable please join the meditation on January 21st at 5:11 AM UTC ! In Unity We Thrive while Ignorant We Fall. So SET YOUR ALARM CLOCKS AND JOIN ! 

Here you can find out more about this meditation.

Click here and the box on the right side will show you the exact time of the meditation for your location.

Here is the countdown timer for the meditation

Here you can find the guided audio for this meditation in English and in more than 25 languages. This also tells us how important this meditation really is.

The video which shows how to do the Goddess Vortex part of the activation correctly, is available here:

Instead of complaining about the situation on this planet. Now we have a chance to help our planet and all beings on Earth. Set up your alarm clocks and join at the exact time of the meditation ! Let's get together and bring forth a true change for the world, participate in this planetary mass meditation, PLEASE SHARE FAR AND WIDE ! THE TIME IS NOW !

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