Wednesday 27 February 2019

Ascension at Spiritual Forum

Learn about:
What the 3rd, 4th & 5th Dimensions are all about
How to ride the waves of Ascension in your own life
How to shift from 3D to 5D consciousness
Being a starseed and activating your spiritual mission
Disclosure about how humanity is now waking up from thousands of years of being controlled
The great solar flash called The Even

Be The Change You Wish To See

Linda Moulton Howe Live 02/20/2019 (Antarctica Whistleblower)

Monday 25 February 2019


Your light body is an energy body that exists at a higher level, closer to your soul, than your chakras. You have seven vibrational energy body centers and three light body centers, for a total of ten centers that power and make up your light body. As you awaken your light body you will learn how to change less harmonious energies into positive ones and use the energy around you to go higher. You may experience a stronger sense of personal power and a greater ability to control your emotions, stay centered, release old blocks and stuck emotional energy, and respond with love and compassion. Your light body opens doorways to the higher realms of light, such as the soul plane. Awakening your light body assists you in adding light to your thoughts, opening your channel upward, and connecting with the Universal Mind. As you awaken your light body you will learn how to get into states of consciousness where you can more easily choose actions that reflect the light of your soul and higher self. You can experience many illumined states of awareness in these journeys; states of consciousness that are deeply insightful, blissful, and take you beyond thought into direct experiences of beingness. In these states you can see, sense, or feel the expansive energies of the higher dimensions and make them a part of your daily life. To learn more,enroll in Class
Learn about lightbody activation.This class introduces you to activating and understanding the lightbody

Stunning NEW Antarctic SSP Insiders

We will review the material that has been disseminated in the first two of six planned live broadcasts on Linda's own YouTube channel, Earthfiles. The confirmations with our material are literally stunning. This new information will be woven into our original content plan, which was to cover information relating to Ascension and how to navigate the personal difficulties of this amazing transition. We are happy to report that we identified three different interconnecting factors that were leading to our video quality being much worse than it is now. We have very significantly upgraded our picture quality after multiple tests and fixes, so it now looks as sharp and high-quality as normal TV. You'll see! Click here to see the Ascension School website:

Friday 22 February 2019

The Black List

Although as far as movies go,the Blacklist is a good one for "Entertainment" or "Fantasy",but be warned that it posses a threat to humanity and the "Higher Good" as it propagandized for the draconian or Cabal in that it stresses let a handful die to save many,and as for Family help only if you "want" to. and to walk away if things get difficult.Divide and Conquer has always been the oldest tactic,so beware of the vibration from the movies you watch and always stay true to the Higher Source and keep the Love flowing.

Thursday 21 February 2019

State Of Mind

Prosperity is a state of mind in which one experiences happiness and peace within and about oneself. Some people may have a few thousand dollars in the bank and consider themselves prosperous, while others may possess a million dollars and feel they have not achieved success.  Prosperity is not only financial  it  also includes love, health and happiness. Experiencing one of these elements without the others is not true prosperity. Prosperity is usually thought of only in terms of finances, but such thinking is erroneous. The mind must experience a wealth in all areas of life. To have a mental attitude that works for financial prosperity, we should think of ourselves as also being prosperous in peace, love, wisdom, health, etc. Only then does the mind completely accept the abundance that life has to offer.   If we feel impoverished in love, the thinking in that area of the mind will spill over into other areas, generally where thoughts about finances reside.When this occurs, we do not have the “right” mental attitude i.e., one that breeds prosperity  and we will not be as effective in helping ourselves financially.   

What, then, is the RIGHT MENTAL ATTITUDE for attracting prosperity?

The Right Mental Attitude is one of CONTINUAL EXPECTANCY, a state of mind that is ALWAYS OPEN to new ideas, inspirations and intuition flowing from the Higher God‐Mind within us


Everyone can understand a problem on the surface, but few understand its psychic nature or depth. Understanding the nature of a problem as it arises in life can enable one to better resolve it.All problems have some psychological basis that involves the conscious and subconscious mind. Yet, there can still be a more profound aspect that involves the psychic and deeper levels of the mind.  This we call a KARMIC CAUSE.

 A Karmic Cause is based on the Law of Cause and Effect – that is, having done or thought something for which you would either reap the benefits or pay a debt.  It is not that God wishes to punish.  Rather, at some point in time, you simply were not evolved sufficiently to realize that you were going against a law of nature and life.
TREAT THE KARMIC CAUSE behind the problem, or meditate upon its removal.

"Through the God‐Power within me, my consciousness has risen above the consciousness of my problem."

Monday 11 February 2019

Shock Testimony: Hillary Died In 2016

Shaman 2Priestess Healer Initiatory Journey2 group at Spiritualforum

Shaman 2Priestess Healer Initiatory Journey2 group at Spiritualforum

Leaked Wikileaks Doc Reveals US Military Use of IMF, World Bank as “Unconventional” Weapons

Leaked Wikileaks Doc Reveals US Military Use of IMF, World Bank as “Unconventional” Weapons: This “U.S. coup manual,” recently highlighted by WikiLeaks, serves as a reminder that the so-called “independence” of such financial institutions as The World Bank and IMF is an illusion and that they are among the many “financial weapons” regularly used by the U.S. government to bend countries to its will.

Kim Dotcom - Mr President #InternetFreedom

C.G.Jung Alchemy and how to predict the future

SILVER FLEET (Ashtar Command): The process started and you are part of i...

Pole Shift. Animal Deaths. Booms. Vanishing Seas. Ascension

Thursday 7 February 2019

Trudeau Wants to Become AI’s Superstar Leader

By: Taylor Muckerman

Canada Is Placing Itself as the #1 Spot for AI

Canada is investing a ton of capital in the AI industry – and the world is taking note.

Last year, the Canadian Institute for International Research funneled more than $125 million into the Pan Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy’s AI Research program.

Microsoft and Google are moving special AI labs to Toronto…

Facebook is expanding its research lab in Montreal…

And this year, Salesforce is due to invest over $2 billion into its Canadian business.

Simply put, it seems like there is no competing with Trudeau’s Canadian AI.

It’s attracting the best of the best and savvy investors are figuring out a way to make the first wave of big money from it.

According to our research, the AI economy could add $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030.

If there is any time to invest in Canadian AI, it’s now.

Normal Canadians Are Getting a Footing…

Here at Motley Fool Canada we’re already convinced that AI is going to be as transformative as the internet itself – and we’ve been scouring the market for the decade’s next massive winners.

If you’re a Canadian investor that means your time has come.

You’re going to want to get the full-story on:

The massive data gap that exists and why it matters
How an AI system can bridge that gap
Which company is at the forefront of this AI revolution
Because since we recommended this Canadian stock not too long ago, it’s gone up nearly 38% — and we are sure it’s got a lot more room to run.

Artificial Intelligence asked question about God/Trump/2 AI argue

Elon Musk Warns About Coming World War 3 And Dark Age

Pole Shift is in Progress 2019. The Magnetic Field is going to Flip.

Our World in 2019: PROPHETIC EVENTS!

The Milankovitch Cycles and Climate Change

China Cracking Down on Christians