Thursday, 21 February 2019

State Of Mind

Prosperity is a state of mind in which one experiences happiness and peace within and about oneself. Some people may have a few thousand dollars in the bank and consider themselves prosperous, while others may possess a million dollars and feel they have not achieved success.  Prosperity is not only financial  it  also includes love, health and happiness. Experiencing one of these elements without the others is not true prosperity. Prosperity is usually thought of only in terms of finances, but such thinking is erroneous. The mind must experience a wealth in all areas of life. To have a mental attitude that works for financial prosperity, we should think of ourselves as also being prosperous in peace, love, wisdom, health, etc. Only then does the mind completely accept the abundance that life has to offer.   If we feel impoverished in love, the thinking in that area of the mind will spill over into other areas, generally where thoughts about finances reside.When this occurs, we do not have the “right” mental attitude i.e., one that breeds prosperity  and we will not be as effective in helping ourselves financially.   

What, then, is the RIGHT MENTAL ATTITUDE for attracting prosperity?

The Right Mental Attitude is one of CONTINUAL EXPECTANCY, a state of mind that is ALWAYS OPEN to new ideas, inspirations and intuition flowing from the Higher God‐Mind within us

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