Saturday, 2 March 2019

Grounding with Free Energy

The Earth is a massive source of free electrons,when you ground,these electrons go into your body.
No amount of pain medication can amount to the power of healing inflammation that the Earth can provide.
Reconnecting to the Earth can bring freedom of sickness,lack of sleep,and pain through contact.
Grounding has been practiced by our Ancients for a long time,long forgotten by people today by being treated by the pharma companies.Grounding is Free Energy in more sense than heating and power. It has the power to raise our vibration for maximum healing power to destroy the toxic frequencies and pollution surrounding us all.
Nature has a cure for everything,by grounding you can even heal your eyes through these frequencies,making time for Mother Earth and going outside more barefoot-"One small step for a man,one giant leap for Healthcare".
Muscle tension immediately drops and as measurable in an electric miogram so it  instantaneously shifts organ function and cardiovascular ,brain waves,and skin conductance,blood viscosity,circulation, and changing your metabolic heal your body even of osteoporosis and thyroid function.
One night  of being grounded  with a grounding rod can change your Health through PIE-
Prescription Is Earth.The answer to all your Health problems.

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