Tuesday, 16 April 2019

What is a Militia?

The American press often equates a militia as being a bunch of right wing radical, gun toting, racist, conspiracy theorists… Nothing could be further from the truth – at least not for most constitutional militias like the 72nd Sheepdogs.

What we actually are is constitution loving patriots. We love the values, and the principles that this country was founded on. We love our freedom, and we want that freedom for every one of our fellow citizens.

Many of us are veterans of the United States military, so we have a deep and abiding love for our fellow veterans, and common man of every color. We welcome all patriots of any sex, race, or color, and regardless of ability or disability, to join and to stand with us to defend this constitution and our God given freedoms. We all swore a sacred oath to that cause, and that oath has no expiration date.

We also have a great love for the people of this country who we put our lives on the line for… to safeguard the freedoms that often allow you to either love us or hate us, and to speak your mind openly on the subject. I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend unto my death, your right to speak freely on the subject.

If you hate this country, and if you want to burn our flag in protest, then I just ask you to remember that it was men and women like us that safeguarded that right for you to do so… sometimes at the cost of our very lives. People in communist China or Iran do not get to publicly burn their national flag, and then go home to dinner with their families… that is a privilege reserved to a free people – safeguarded within the framework of a constitutional republic.

Many folks think that the militia movement is a new thing. That is simply not true. The militia was here before the forming of the United States. The militia represents common civilians banding together to repel any threat to their local community. We are your neighbors, friends, and family, who have made a commitment to protect the weak, and the defenseless of society. We are truly the sheepdogs within your community who protect the common herd of humanity from the predators who otherwise would prey on them without fear of retribution.

I could go on with a long history of the militia, and maybe I will in future posts, but the important thing to understand is where our loyalty lies, and why we are willing to sacrifice for that cause.

In the entire history of the world, there has never been a people who have ruled themselves so openly, nor had so many guaranteed rights and freedoms. That is why we gave our sacred oath to that scrap of paper called the Constitution for the United States of America, and to the ideals that it lays out for all of the world to see. While our country is going through terrible trials and tribulations – we still believe in those principles.

May God bless our Republic, and our People.

Very Respectfully,

Col. Rotty
OX Commander – AIM 72nd Sheepdogs

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