Tuesday, 21 May 2019


Doesn't it infuriate you when they get all egotistical and then treat you like you are beneath them? When being a  housewife to raise the children was the deal when you get together and start a family.Just because you are not the breadmaker,doesn't make you less special or important to the relationship! And then the men  bully to get the point accross? LOL! Please,asshat! We are smarter than that! We have our power and intuition to guide us-what do they have and where do they measure,in their pants,wallet,and society?????
If you raise boys in that color,you need to show them that we-the women-are in Charge! Show them a better way,and that siding with Dad only leads you to a bad marriage later.Family is meant to be teamwork,but most women feel like the man tries to control every aspect,which gets the children's views skewed and burdens society with malice.
Back to the title of this post-why men lie.Do they think we cannot differ truth versus bullshit? Do they think by trying to browbeat-we will cave? Personally I classify this as abuse.What planet are they from.My opinion is that they feel inferior to our power,that we can survive without them-despite the ole 'take everything away from her to keep her pinned' trick.When a man has an ego-he admits to inferiorority,which then leads to mean headgames in the relationship because he is supposed to feel strong,and for many-this is the solution.Lying about feelings in a relationship leads to the egotistical actions from the male,and nothing positive comes from it.Because men don't like to talk about feelings,or is it that they do not have a heartbeat-tends to bring tension to a marriage,and by lying to cover up their inadequacies,they admit to not feeling good enough.
Now how does this affect the sex life? You guessed it right! Not good if there is lack of trust between the partners.If one partner cannot treat another with honesty and respect,that will break it. Sex comes from the heart,and most men cannot comprehend that.Such a vicious cycle!
But being callous,ruthless,and sadistic only brings more strain and problems for the marriage and the family as a whole. Work performance,abuse,and bringing the unit down affects the views of children and negative impact like that-All because the man feels low in his opinion of himself. Which brings the question as to why perhaps you really got married.Was the women supposed to be a trophey to make them feel better? Do men think good looking women are a lottery ticket? All their problems go away? We are Human too,and we cannot make dreams come true based on a lie.Or abuse of any kind.Get over yourselves,and get on with it.Get connected to the Source of Light,and get real,Women cannot fix liars who cannot find themselves!
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We are the Wisdom Keepers,the Goddesses,and the Queens of this world!
If men want a better marriage,they need to let go of the ego,and stub out the lies.

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