Monday, 17 June 2019

New Corrupt Pantheon!

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There is a New Corrupt pantheon on its way-and it is called NWO-New World Order.Most have heard of it,but it has been in the works for some time.

We see all this finger pointing on the Catholics and Luciferians who do hanous acts to humanity-but is all Government corruption,the Illuminatti-who follow many Pantheons, so one is no  better or innocent than the next.

Crypto Currency is trying to be the 'new'-just like Social Media points-who both steal our freedom,and originates from the Wealthiest countries  in the World-Japan and China.
If Humanity starts buying into this crap-we are all going to suffer,and say goodbye to our freedom-much like the chip that is meant to be convienant. But for Whom?Think about that.

Mark "Zickenburg" of Facebook  is also trying to get his own crpto going-who is one of the Biggest Illuminatti investors next to Trump. In the news - According to reports from The Wall Street Journal and elsewhere, Facebook has partnered with companies like Uber, Visa and PayPal to create its new cryptocurrency called Libra. The initiative is run by David Marcus, the Facebook executive who previously ran Facebook Messenger. He was the president of PayPal before joining Facebook.

The digital currency will allow Facebook users to send money to each other and pay for goods through Facebook’s family of apps like Messenger and WhatsApp. But details are pretty scarce beyond that. Still, analysts were bullish on Facebook’s impending crypto announcement, saying it could open up new sources of revenue outside of its core digital advertising business.

“We believe this is a major initiative for Facebook, and one that has the potential of putting the company front and center in areas beyond advertising, including commerce and financial services, materially expanding its total addressable market and growth prospects,” analysts at SunTrust said in a research note this week.
Too funny-the Illuminatti think they have all the Sheeple,but the rest will awake,WE HOPE!
Crypto originated from pedopheilia and corupt rings,what's changed?And why are we being so dumb as to follow the bread crumb trail for the next HOLOCAUST????


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