Saturday, 27 July 2019

Latest Q False flag

Latest "Q" Post [False Flag], Military Tribunals, Deep State Mueller Disaster, Communism Denied By Dems: Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret. +Videos

Friends and Associates:
Within 24 hours of the Mueller “disaster” the Dems in private sectors have gone off the rails and their media isn’t helping with their distress. Just as the night of the 2016 election sent Dems into a frenzy, screaming, crying, and banging their heads against the nearest wall…..the Mueller hearing was just as devastating for them.
“You know you are over the target when the fodder begins” and the emails numbering nearly a 100 (today) of hate and despair, combined with a few (soft) death threats, That’s when YOU KNOW you have done your job. If there ever was a Beforeitsnews report that sent them into a tail-spin it was this one.
Therefore….this report is for you (out there) believing (as you told me) there’s no such thing as “Communists inside America,” a fallacy within your own limited orbit of reality. As I have said and many others have said, “Socialism is your means of production and Communism is the head of the snake…you can’t have one without the other.” 
After JFK was assassinated, allegedly by the Mafia in a conspiracy that evolved from the White House and by rogue CIA elements, YOUR Democrat Party was eventually hijacked by the Communist movement in America and they have cornered the party with a false sense of feel good politics and agendas…proven to have failed everywhere Socialism exists. 
Socialism is an ideology with hidden agendas for a New World Order, erasing all borders with a United Nations / One World Leader (un-elected) to enslave humanity. One tactic (inside America) by the Communist power-brokers is to create fear of all White people, because MOST are Christians / gun owners and will fight Communism anywhere it exists. 
They hate anyone that rises to a level above and beyond their own capabilities, therefore…THEY want what “Whites” have earned, forget about Black, Hispanic or Asian wealth, it’s all about ‘race-baiting’….hence, a politician promising to take from the wealthy and filter money down to those deprived, a society usually ends up in disaster as corporations owned by the wealthy end-up paying massive taxes and forced into a corner with unlimited regulations. 
Major business owners take their companies to other countries and unemployment goes through the roof, along with those that ‘play the system’ refusing to work in-order to reap the Socialist benefits. The entire country becomes another ‘Third World Country,’ indistinguishable from Mexico where parents put their children on the streets to sell sticks of gum…..young girls become prostitutes, drug gangs take control.
“Here’s the good news,” the American (Right) that love this country will fight for freedom and liberty for anyone that UNDERSTANDS what’s at stake. Others that want America to be like the country THEY left, and those that are Citizens wanting Socialism for the people, voting Communist leaders into Congress, or those ignorant to the Communist Movement in America….PLEASE LEAVE MY COUNTRY.
Because of the most important and revealing hearing we have not seen since Watergate, the Mueller hearing has lit the match for things to come. 
America is on the brink of chaos and civil unrest as the [DECLAS] is released and it will reveal everything that has been going-on behind the scenes and all those involved in a ‘Coup’ to overthrow the United States and a sitting president.
Here’s some more good news……
AG Barr has just cleared the way to bring-back the Federal Death Penalty and the very first selected are child rapist / murderers. Sound familiar? #Pizzagate
[Timing is Everything] “Q”
WE know the Achilles’s Heel of the Deep State players involved in Treason against the Unites States are mostly involved with child / sex trafficking networks around the world, a multi-billion dollar industry. 
I have explained in other reports (for you Communists out here) the fact that intelligence agencies use people like Epstein, a Mossad / CIA asset, as the facilitator for blackmailing high profile politicians. I also predicted the “Deadman Walking” Epstein days are numbered. The Deep State want him dead…
Bill Clinton visited Epstein’s sex slave island 26 times. We could easily look back to see what some of Bill Clinton’s political policies might have been as they relate to….hmmmm, maybe selling secrets to China? Or…Hillary Clinton’s selling of America’s Uranium to Russia? HRC likes that adrenochrome of children and is a pedophile (lesbian of young girls) having been to Epstein’s island an estimated 6 times. Proof??? NYPD found relative evidence on Weiner’s laptop and all recovered emails were quickly grabbed by Obama’s FBI at the time. #Pizzagate
“What’s in the emails is staggering and as a father, it turned my stomach,” the NYPD Chief said. “There is not going to be any Houdini-like escape from what we found. We have copies of everything. We will ship them to Wikileaks or I will personally hold my own press conference if it comes to that.”
The transnational worldwide crime syndicates involved with human trafficking are considered the number one threat against America’s National Security and because the number one threat against President Trump, the “Russian Collusion Hoax” the Democrat Communist Party’s ATTEMPT to conduct a ‘Coup’ against this president to cover-up their own Treasonous crimes….the tables are now turning and the Dems are in a frenzy to recover from their Mueller trauma disaster.

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