Thursday, 15 August 2019

Moon Phases: Quarter Moons, Eclipses, New & Full Moons

Moon Phases: Quarter Moons, Eclipses, New & Full Moons: There’s no doubt in our minds: if the moon has the power to pull the tides, surely it must affect us humans, whose bodies are made mostly of H2O. And just as the phases of the moon affect the seas, they can also set the wave patterns on our own emotion oceans. Here, we break down each monthlong moon cycle so you can use it to manifest—New Moons, Quarter Moons, Full Moons and more. Happy Moondancing!
New Moon: Let’s Get It Started In Here!New Moons occur when la luna is perfectly positioned between the Earth and the Sun. As such, the “backside” of the Moon is lit and she becomes invisible from our view down here.
In astrology, the New Moon always occurs in the same sign as the Sun—for example, when the Sun is in Libra from September 23-October 22, the New Moon that takes place during those 30 days will also be in Libra.
New Moons are thought of as starting points, moments to plant seeds that we’ll harvest six months later, under the light of the Full Moon in the same sign. For example,…

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