Sunday 29 December 2019

Raelism — the religion that says humanity is an alien experiment.

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The Papacy and the United States foretold as the Two

The Papacy and the United States foretold as the Two: 1. The Papacy and the United States foretold as the Two Beasts found in Revelation 13th chapter.2. The One World Government Conspirators within High Places in the U.S.3. The Art of Subliminal Warfare through TV, Magazines, News- papers, etc.4. The Communist plot uncovered by the Un-American Activities in 19475. Tracing early Communism (Illuminism) in early American History6. More on International Banking and how American bankers are connected with the Illuminati7. The History behind the Federal Reserve Trap8. President Woodrow Wilson and The League of Nations9. Col. Edward Mandel House and the founding of the Council on Foreign Relations, Inc.10. The United Nations Headquarters for the One World Government Conspiracy Now, let's examine the two other partly religious and partly political powers Lucifer ispredicted to use to bring this final struggle between Christ and Satan to its end. In Revelation13:5, we see again how this "First Beast" identifies with Daniel's prediction of the…

Thursday 12 December 2019

Science and diplomacy after Canada’s lost decade: Counting the costs, looking beyond

In the twenty-first century, Canada’s security and prosperity - and the shared prospects for peace and development globally - depend increasingly on diplomacy rather than defence. In that regard, not least because there are no military solutions for the most pressing problems facing the planet, science diplomacy, and international science and technology more generally, have never mattered more. Yet rather than building a capability to join in collaborative efforts to find and deliver effective responses to complex global issues, under the Conservative Government key Canadian policy instruments were run down. Preoccupied with foreign wars, Islamist terrorism and related fear-inducing threats, Canada’s political decision-makers shunned science, disdained diplomacy and dismissed multilateralism. That record has diminished this country’s international reputation and influence while leaving the population vulnerable and exposed to a wide range of S&T-based threats. If Canada is to face the future with confidence, the new government must reallocate priorities and resources in support of science and diplomacy, and move immediately to address performance issues. Specific policy recommendations conclude this analysis.

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Hidden No Longer: Genocide in Canada, Past and Present


Wednesday 11 December 2019

Questioning Reality Like Never Before

Questioning Reality Like Never Before: By Alexander Light
Has our existence been hijacked eons ago by higher dimensional entities and we are now prisoners within a matrix of deceit?
If so, then this prison of souls has the door wide open and we can choose to exit whenever we desire. All that is required is for us to wake up from the dream, so that we can see the door… and to actually want to go out and “disconnect.”
The Unbreakable Free Will
The Free Will is, allegedly, one of the unbreakable laws of our multiverse. Those who know the rules of the game (i.e the Archons) can bend them in their favor by using various tricks and smoke screens, but they can never break them.
This means that our consent was required and we are dreaming this collective dream because we – somehow – agreed to partake.

Remember what Morpheus told Neo in The Matrix film?
Morpheus: “The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us, even now in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on…

You've Felt It Your Entire Life