Friday, 28 February 2020

Ultimate Takeover?

Here we go!
The planet has had quite a few oil refinery fires/accidents-could it be deliberate? Our politicians have gone to bed with the easterners for some kind of deal and yet again sold us out.
Here in Canada-prices are outrages for oil/gas-and my thought is forced dealings to get the Iraq oil trade to be the number 1.In past readings I believe I did read an introduction on how the Iraq energy and oil industry was going to be the world's top provider.
If you follow politics like most do-you'll notice Trudeau has appointed some of these Easterners with top political posts-not to mention in finance as well.
Have you noticed that there are  Mosques in every town.
These Easterners are in our Banks with top security clearances.
Computer hackers and hostile virus takeovers have been conducted by easterners just a few years ago-I know-because I called one of them as a malware provider.
I have read countless papers on  possible take downs with the banks-telling people not to invest your money and to take it all out as one day the banks will freeze your debit cards and after that you will not have access to your account at all as it will have disappeared-I am sure you all have come across  this as well,but do your research.
The dog food brand Purina has taken down the fair skinned children off their bags and replaced with easterner children-as though it has been there the whole time! And come to think of it-every single gas station in my town and the majority of them are owned by easterners.These are the people who do not obey the traffic laws,get living allowences and new furniture bought and paid for by the Canadian Gov't.
I have also noticed that the Easterners in my area look down their nose at the very people who have brought them into their homeland-as if to say-'Very soon you will be our slaves". I know the oil industry works their employees to the bone with no care of sleep hours or breaks.Hmm.I wonder....
Food for thought everyone-I also have neighbors building 'compounds'-where did the money come from and what's going on?

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Sunday, 16 February 2020

World Depopulation in effect? 'It's spreading faster than SARS' How far will the so-called 'Wuhan coro...

Is it that people are on to the poisonous vaccines-

are the elite playing the obvious now that the world knows who they are,and what they do? They say there is no 'Vaccine" but yet they already developed the virus? LOL-really? Is anyone getting this?


' WARFARE!!!!!!!!!!!It's spreading faster than SARS' How far will the so-called 'Wuhan coro...