Thursday, 26 March 2020

Is God Hiding?

For those who think God is hiding: He’s isn’t. Brains, eyes and hearts often run

on ‘lock down’ programs in conformity with popular sophists and absurd

doctrines that prevent genuine alchemy. God’s handiwork is everywhere evident,

but without faith and the production of good fruit one cannot see or please Him

(Jas 1:22-25), or enter the marriage feast here and Hereafter. Planet Dust is a

testing ground. Time is short. It is a Pass/Fail course of instruction in which

crucified blood and new temples are mere challenges to spiritual discernment,

reasonability and even literary acumen. You are the temple, the word made flesh.

It is in the darkness of their eyes that men get lost.

The real world is behind this one, which is its shadow. ~ Black Elk

This painless analysis allows that Europe’s post-printing press enlightenment of

its careless humanity was an involuntary response to ancient institutions that had

abandoned the Dao in feverish pursuit of Peter’s Pence and Pharaoh’s Gold; a

Sumerian swindle that mimed Lady Shakti’s formula for Babylonian idolators.

These ancient land pirates (some think otherwise and are well intentioned) still

castrated boys like Farinelli in the late 19th century for miserere psalmody per

Mystery Religion ritual, as if mutilation of God’s handiwork and a woman’s

voice in a man’s body somehow pleased Him. A Magisterium of red caped red

flagged padres for Christ traditionally tortured and murdered scholars, herbalists

and reasonably decent non-Vaticanites for teaching and healing without

permission or for publishing knowledge in words people could understand, like

today’s AMA, CDC, ACLU, CIA, FBI, GOOGLE and FDA. At the same time,

furtive Jews who owned Occidental alphabet soup factories sacrificed goys for

blood-baptized matzo conjuring under the protection of Vulcan’s legatees; all in

keeping with Satan’s livery and Herod’s ambition (Mat 4:8-9).

Despite capacious efforts by Voltaire & Associates Ltd. to free the Occident from

alphabet gruel, a profound unawareness of preternatural activities in synch with

elitist criminality failed to halt Jew financed wars and sub-rosa machinations that

played them like fiddles. Voltaire, for example, was educated by Jesuits. He then

left the Church on his quest (just like Weishaupt) but died Catholic confessed by

Jesuits (just like Weishaupt). The entire muddle removed the chivalrous old guard

and prepared generations hence to murderously rock Hitler’s world

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