Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Renewable Energy Opponents Turn Up The Volume

In truth, the “government favoritism, special deals benefiting big corporations, and hidden costs,” the TPPF complains about are all on the part of fossil fuel interests. They have done a brilliant job of hiding their own evil deeds by wrapping themselves in the flag, screaming about liberty, and accusing the opposition of doing the same things they do themselves.
What we often overlook is how the fossil fuel industry has declared war on sanity to protect itself from competition. Under the guise of deploring government handouts, it gorges itself on special treatment from legislators and regulators to secure an unfair advantage at every opportunity. It is little more than a criminal conspiracy that has raised corruption to such a high art that it now virtually owns the entire United States government as well as several state governments.
The world is getting warmer. Unless humans figure out ways to drastically reduce or eliminate carbon dioxide emissions, life as we know it on Earth will come to an end not in a million years, not in 10,000 years, but in a few centuries, maybe less. Renewable energy is critical to keeping the world habitable.

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