Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Mass Meditation Friday May 22nd 2020

Let’s look at Astrology and the Comets on this Conjunction

On May 22, 2020, there will be a New Moon conjoined with the “Pleiades” star cluster in the heart of the Taurus constellation.

Remember, a New moon refers to the conjoining of the Sun and the Moon.

And On May 22, 2020, Venus and Mercury will conjoin between the horns of the Taurus constellation.

The conjoining of these two planets activates the archetype (13 - Law of Transformation).

Refer to path 24 “Nun” - the fish - (Imaginative Intelligence) -
in the Kabbalah.

This is the gateway that is activated on May 22nd - not to be experienced until the month of June 2020, and in part on July 19th....
Yet see the energy Merge and flow though this window of time space ...

And on the same day - May 22, 2020, Comets Atlas and Swan will conjoin in the “Perseus” constellation.

So dear Ones .... A mass meditation is being organised for all light workers and light warriors to join hands and unity -

To meditate on this day there is NO time Specified...

As we are operating in zero point
So you can meditate in the comfort of your own home -
at your own time
all you need to do - is visualise your consciousness merging with all the other light workers meditating on this day in unity - and Anchoring in divine grace through this conjunction alignment & New Moon

Ria Aurora Athena Ash 

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