Sunday, 17 May 2020

US Biowarfare Act Author: Vaccines, Corruption, Coverups & Secret Biowea...

In this interview Spiro is joined by the author of the US Biowarfare Act Professor Francis Boyle to discuss the latest developments regarding the Coronavirus outbreak, the source of the virus and the corrupt interests involved.

Professor Boyle also outlines two reports which he claims confirm his position on the origins of the virus. One, from a Nobel Peace Prize winning scientist in France. The second, a leaked memo from the 5 Eyes intelligence alliance.
I agree more on what one viewer said-

" his guy is talking weird. On one hand he seems to be spilling the beans as far telling the truth about the covid 19 virus, yet on the other hand he seems to be suggesting that Korea's Contact Tracing be adopted in America, which Congress is proposing right now, already passed in the House. This is Nazi Gestapo style of tyranny. I believe he is putting fear into people by claiming deaths are much worse and the bioweaponized virus is much more deadly to come. He seems like a plant to me to appear on truth seekers channel to pretend to be on our side but in fact is planted to increase fear on people so people would acquiesce and allow invasive mandatory vaccines which really had the nanotechnology that he claims is in the virus, but I believe it is really in the vaccines. I think he is shill for fauci, gates cabal no matter what he said about them. The information he has given is nothing new, he knows awake people already know it. He's not giving anything away, he's just trying to terrify people. By lying. Also, regarding the doctors involved did not commit suicide they were all murdered."
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First Interview With Professor Boyle

Second Interview With Professor Boyle

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