Wednesday, 24 June 2020


 W-E-L-L,seems the "Justice" system and Gov't DO NOT CARE about our rights as humans-as I always point out,they will ALLOW LANDLORDS to kick you out of your HOMES if you CANNOT pay your RENT.I wanted to see how far this greed would go in these uncertain times and unforseen acts of violence and coruption with this cOVID 19 BS- and got taken to a hearing with the renters board -they plan on people being HOMELESS-JUDGES FAVOR LANDLORDS.I did however get MY point accross,and got the rent lowered to half-and of course have to make up the rest at a later date.The JUSTICE SYSTEM,BANKS,and LANDLORDS KEEP THE GREED GOING.THEY ARE THE DOWNFALL FOR HUMANITY.LET'S DO AWAY WITH THE 1%!!!!

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