Thursday, 10 December 2020

How to stop bad luck? Here is the most effective solution.

 Do you feel that you have no energy lately, despite your best efforts to lead a healthy life? Or that you just have no power to do anything?

Are you experiencing anxiety or fear for no apparent reason?

Are you feeling depressed or having negative thoughts often?

Does it seem like your financial situation is never improving?

Is your business going from one disaster to another and nothing you are touching seems to be successful lately?

Is your health deteriorating or are you always feeling sick?

Are you feeling unhappy or does it seem like your personal life has no hope for improvements?

Are you experiencing one problem after another?

Bad things happen to you when:

You have done something wrong to others;

You surround yourself or associate with people who are toxic, negative or destructive;

Somebody is envious of you, cursing you, emotionally or mentally attacking you;

You are too open to the public or to the wrong people;

You are not protecting your self psychically, emotionally or spiritually from destructive and envious people;

You are spiritually weak or your life energy is low;

You are living an ignorant, materialistic centered or degraded lifestyle.

The Solution:

Regard yourself as the most powerful being and eternal soul. Do not rely solely on God/ Higher Powers/Universe, or anybody else to solve your problems or change your life. Do not blame anyone and do not accept the victim’s mentality;

Examine your life from the earliest days you remember yourself to this moment. Whatever wrong you have done - do your best to fix it or apologize or neutralize it with good actions;

Work on your own ethical and moral qualities. Cultivate patience, compassion, honesty, and decency in yourself. Prioritize spiritual over the material. Be a bright and kind soul. Do no evil to others;

Protect yourself from envious, negative, and toxic people wishing you evil. Never keep the hurt done to you inside yourself and do not feel sorry for yourself. Instead, return anything destructive sent your way back to the source by stating (preferably daily in the shower or/and outside/in the park/ in nature) in your own words something similar to “I release all negativity, all harm and all that is not mine back to where it comes from”. In the more complicated situations use this powerful method: How to punish a narcissist or an aggressor.

Words are the most powerful weapon. If someone tells you anything negative about you, your loved ones, your future - do not accept it. Firmly state that whatever they are saying is not true or will not happen. For example, if someone is telling you’ll never going to be successful, state: “I am going to be successful. I am absolutely positive about that”

Keep your private life - private. It is not a good idea posting online or sharing with people you don’t 100% trust the details about your life and spiritually unprotected photos of you and your family.

Stay away from negative and destructive people. Your health and life are more important than any reason for your staying. These people are sucking your life energy and leaving you no power to live and to thrive;

Constantly be thankful for anything positive in your life: for a new day, sun, trees, a roof over your head, food on your table, and good people. Try to see more good in others and take every opportunity to thank and praise them for that;

Continuously increase your inner spiritual strength and positive life energy:

Start your days early meditating or praying.

Stay away from anything negative: TV, news, gossip.

Declutter your home and keep it clean. Keep it free from the objects that might belong to toxic or distractive people, or might carry any heavy or negative energy.

Be mindful of your thoughts, words, and actions. Let them always be gracious, kind, and positive;

Cleanse your diet - the less toxic food and substances you put in your system, the better. Try to honor your body with healthy, unprocessed foods.

Try your best to walk for half an hour every day or 2.5-3 hours once a week at a comfortable pace anywhere in nature.

Surround yourself with positive people of higher moral, ethical, and spiritual qualities.


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