Sunday, 31 January 2021

Democrats going full communist - go for the guns


Another from the infamous totalitarians:
I told you all this was coming. Now here it is. Get ready!!! For what it is worth, you may want to contact your representatives and tell them to vote this bill down.
Have a look at the attached bill HR 147 that is up for action in The Federal House of Representatives now.
Feel free to pass this along to others and get additional persons to contact their Congressman.
HR 127 is an infringement of  the Second Amendment of The United States Constitution.  It seeks to:
License firearms and ammunition.
Require notice for loaning a Firearm.
3.Require that firearm owners be 21 years of age or older, with no regard to being in the military.
Require firearm Insurance.
Require a fee of $800.00 per year for firearm insurance.
Stipulate a very broad interpretation of disallowed military weapons such as many now that may be owned by ordinary individuals and not requiring any special licensing.
 Stipulate onerous penalties of $75,000.00 to $150,000.00 and not less than 15 years imprisonment for violations.
8 Stipulates not more than 10 rounds magazine capacity.
These matters infringe on the Second Amendment.  Please fight to void the entire wording of HR 127.
Link to HR 147;
Link to HR 127;

This entire federal government is unlawful and unconstitutional. And they are operating outside of the bounds of the US Constitution. I'm trying to make sure I get the wording correct in saying that. Right now they are trying to pass legislation that violates the Second Amendment, Along with everything else they are trying to do.
If I can get Ken Paxton's attention maybe we can get 30 other states to go along.
People like Barack Hussein Obama, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and thousands of others are laughing their collective asses off.
They are literally saying to the people "Take that compact contract you call the Constitution and go wipe your ass with it".
Mao TZdung said "Power comes from the barrel of a gun"
And THAT is why we now have 10,000 troops positioned in and around Washington.


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