Sunday, 31 January 2021

Keys to Immediate Happiness

 Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone could have immediate happiness? Wouldn’t it be even more wonderful if that happiness would remain? The truth is that you—or anyone—can have immediate happiness that can be lasting, for it is a matter of consciousness.

Whoever first said that happiness is a state of mind was correct! If you are unhappy about yourself, your life, or anything for that matter, it is a change of consciousness that can turn despair and depression into happiness. You have the innate capacity to have a transforming consciousness—God—take over your mind, and immediately sublimate negative thought energy into positive, happy thought energy or consciousness.

Many psychologists estimate that at least 90% of your conscious thinking is being influenced more by what you have experienced in the past than what you are experiencing in the present moment. To be immediately happy, therefore, requires the release of all negativity from the memory levels of your mind.

To have immediate happiness, you must have an internal cleansing or psychic purification of all levels of your mind. This is accomplished by the natural healing intelligence, which is the Presence of God in your body, mind, and soul. Think about this for a moment: If you could make all the negativity or cause of unhappiness vanish from your mind, you would be left with only the positive energy of God’s Presence, or happiness energy.

Cleansing your mind by releasing all past negative thought energy is, therefore, essential in obtaining a state of consciousness that is God-filled, and thus, happiness-filled. In fact, begin to think that God is happiness! Every time you think about God, you think about happiness, consciously or unconsciously. Even if it is unconsciously, the outer effect on your mind is that of happiness, for you are contacting the ultimate source of happiness—God.

The past was but a second ago. So many people are psychically stuck in the past in their own minds, brooding about the past, as to what was, or what could have been if things had just worked out differently. The truth is that things did not turn out differently.

To continue to wallow in the past is a mental preoccupation that causes frustration and despair. To keep reliving what you consider past negativity is blocking your mind from feeling and experiencing your own innate God nature of happiness.

Each time you find yourself starting to wallow in the past, refuse to continue. Say to yourself, “I am open to immediate positive energy in the present, made possible through living in a state of higher God-self consciousness.”

Refuse is a very powerful word. Use it powerfully to deal with ridding yourself of negatives from the past. This leaves your mind open to experience immediate happiness from the Presence of God’s Consciousness within you.

When a person is experiencing the pressures of modern life, it is very difficult to feel happiness simultaneously with the stress. Pressure can be removed through peace. And there is no greater peace than—as the Bible states—“The peace that passeth all understanding.” That inner peace is God’s Presence within you. It can, therefore, be understood that God’s Presence is both peace and happiness. Thus, to the degree that you are experiencing God’s peace, you are similarly experiencing God’s happiness.

Another way to experience immediate or present happiness is by living a future happiness in your mind. By visualizing yourself in the future, experiencing the fulfillment of goals, you can mentally and emotionally—and sometimes even spiritually—experience future happiness immediately in the present moment of now.

Visualize—imagine in picture form—yourself actually experiencing what brings great happiness, deep down at the very core of your being. Consciously be aware of the immediate happiness you feel as you think and feel your experience.

Keeping focused on goals can also produce immediate happiness. The reason for this is that the achievement of your goals symbolizes fulfillment, and fulfillment symbolizes happiness in your mind. Whenever you are in need of happiness, concentrate and focus on your goals in life. Constantly turn over your personal will to the Will of God, so that God, and not your personal ego mind, is establishing which goals are right for you.

If God is establishing your goals through divine intuition, then the achievement of each goal will bring happiness to your very soul, and through your soul, to your mind and body as well. To free yourself to pursue your happiness-producing goals without restraint, turn over any adverse circumstances and conditions to God’s Inner Presence to deal with.

Finally, remember that meditation is the inner mental doorway that opens to God. The experience of God has been described by many as Absolute Bliss and Joy. When you take the time to meditate daily, you position yourself to receive God’s Presence, which is Absolute Happiness. For in experiencing God’s Presence, there is a state of Oneness with all of life. This state of Oneness, or Allness, is the Absolute feeling of Love. And there can be no greater happiness than Oneness with Absolute Love. 

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