Wednesday, 10 February 2021

DEAP 3600 underground dark projects

 DEAP 3600 underground dark projects" remember what Tesla said about 3,6,9 and the secrets of the universe, remember we are light beings, we run off of light energy, the light of god, we are made of dirt and light, crystals, the same frequency as earth, the earth heals us and when a man and women love each other we heal us, everyone around us and the earth, like god created us for, be fruitful and multiply! Take care of the earth, they're pulling dark matter into the earths crystal structures, controlling the weak, their goal control everyone, but mostly beautiful women, control their wombs, they've been genetically modifying women sexually since the mid 90s, these ppl are extreme perverts, baal is a sex cult that sacrifices children, feeds on the terror and adrenalin of their soul, in their blood, and they love sexually breaking women until their mind splits and enjoy their torture, and love feminizing men and making them serve ass up mouth open, Google that, click images, read! This planet is in serious fkin trouble, if women of light don't unite in mass, I mean billions soon, men will never do anything, men follow women, if women are choosing to be perves, and choosing a holes and dominating dicks, then men will be that to get women, women need to stop and take back their strength and honor, or the whole earth is fked, and everyone that can better get on their knees and pray jesus comes, because it's going to get bad once they have full control, you might as well strip naked and strap yourself to a table and get used to it, these ppl are sick af, and that's the truth! Evil is not ppls friend, even the satanists doing this are idiots, they think they have power, but they will learn what torture is, like they have never dreamed, choosing the darkness and all those that hide in it, nothing but screams coming from there, I know where I am going, it's beautiful, and I am taking as many as I can with me there, no matter what they do to me, millions of children missing since the 70s in the usa, we can find Saddam in a hole, Osama in a fortress in foreign countries, but the CIA can't find millions of missing children? A superbowl stadium full a year? Yeah right, research Michael Hastings of rolling stone, he knew the truth, it is the CIA doing it, simple 7th grade logic could figure it out, and no one cares out of fear or denial, poisoning our food, poisoning babies, alternating the minds, genetics and hormones of babies, 50 million abortions, sacrifices to satan, selling their parts, and Americans ignore it and let satanic news feed them lies, because why? Its comfortable and doesnt burst their little bubble of illusion, it's not my kid or my family, so why should I care, all while satanists spoon feed them their food, water, air and medicine, poisoning their own children, and what ignorance is bliss

🤨 Hell Gerber was just busted putting all kinds of bs in baby formula, ppl need to slap themselves and wthu, NOW!!!!!

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