Wednesday, 30 June 2021


 Darkness does not mean evil. 

Darkness represents depth, hidden and mysterious. 

The army of The Satan is shrouded in Darkness. 

Most people do not know how to wield the

power of the Darkness.

Ultimately, because what lives in the Astral Realm is the leftover shards of Light from the Tzimtzum, 

the Astral Realm should be under control of humanity,

specifically the priesthood class.

This includes the shamans of the indigenous peoples.

The inhabitants of the Astral Realm are not beings because they are all incomplete in some way. 

So, they do their best to

tempt their human controllers by offering them

great power and recognition. 

If the human uses the inhabitants for his/her own glorification, the human’s ego grows out of control and the human loses his/her ability to control these lower level entities. 

This is similar to a warrior who wields his/her sword effectively and effortlessly. 

If the warrior then begins to believe that he/she is more powerful than he/she is and takes up a bigger, heavier sword, there is a huge chance that the weight of the sword will be the downfall of the previously victorious warrior.

There is danger with power.

Your current danger is to be tempted to use your power incorrectly. 

This can be as simple as interfering with the lesson of someone else or trying to force someone to grow when he/she is not ready.

In comparison with being overtaken by the inhabitants of the Astral Realm, these are small dangers. 

But once you open the frequency of temptation by Darkness/Evil/Astral Realm you have one foot in the door, so the temptations become increasingly tempting, which is by design.

This is why every single test that you take, no matter how small or innocent-appearing, is extremely important to the frequency that you set for your Spiritual Growth.

As long as you proceed step-by-step with guidance from your Oversoul, you will continue to pass your tests.

Appreciate the unique process that you follow, specifically developed for you, by you and your Oversoul. In this way, you continue.

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