Wednesday, 21 July 2021


 Being free is a wonderful state of beingness. It is actually being in contact mystically with Universal Presence, or God. It is a sharing of consciousness between the surface part of your awareness and Universal Presence. It is not living out some sort of messianic complex where you feel spiritually superior to others. That would still be part of the personal ego game-playing. Instead, it is a full realization that all persons are part of the One Universal Consciousness Presence, or God. In addition, you do what the Universe guides you to do in helping a few others to join you in mystical awareness and contact, and you are patient with the remainder, knowing that—in the illusion of time—their mystical awareness shall come, too, when God or Universal Presence chooses to awaken them, based upon whether their souls are ready for the awakening.

Until Universal Presence or God commences the mystical awakening, the personal ego identity lives through another lifetime. As previously alluded to, there may be small fragments of illusionary time where the Universal Presence inspires or creates—pushing aside the personal ego’s control to do so. In such moments of true, spiritually motivated inspiration, the soul is ignited, feeling so moved and so inspired by life. Could one imagine that this is what life would be like if one were free?

Imagine if your mind were to become aware of new insights and new creative ideas on a daily basis, not just on a rare occasion. Imagine being aware of the greater picture of what’s really happening—beyond what personal ego comprehension is not seeing, because it is too caught up in its illusion of what is taking place. It’s a greater life—a greater existence!

It’s getting back to, and being part of, one’s Universal Roots, no longer needing to be stimulated by things of this earth. There is no boredom causing one to run from place to place. Although one can still be very active in the illusionary world, it is no longer where real activity is experienced. Real activity is experienced in the realm of consciousness. Poets and others who are aware have alluded to the world as being but a stage—a stage where illusionary dramas unfold, whether between people or nations, and where the dualistic divide breeds its illusions of love and hate, war and peace, pleasure and pain.

There is a mystical knowing that Life Itself is a Universal, Eternal Process and Presence, and that earthly, dimensional life is a small portion of the Process—a drop in the Ocean of Universal Consciousness. To be free is to be aware that you are part of such Moisture and are part of the Ocean’s Awareness and Purpose—or God’s Will.

Many people say they are easily bored. To cure their immediate sense of boredom they seek some new adventure—be it traveling, doing something new or different, and so on. Now in the physical dimension of this earth’s life, there’s nothing wrong with this, for they are edging, slowly, to actually being free. This earthly world is exhausting. The excitement of personal ego adventure eventually becomes exhausted, and the attention is no longer controlled by what is outward, but what is inward, so that the Eternal Stirrings of the soul do awaken.

When one is in companionship with the Universe, one finds that there is no place to go, because in Reality, everything is right where you are. There is so much more to experience in the Realm of Reality than in the illusions of earthly experience. Even the most beautiful scenery on the face of this earth plane pales when compared to visionary travels in Higher Realms. The most beautiful things of the earth are but a hint of the immense beauty that exists in Higher Realms of Universal Presence.

When individuals are ready—really ready—I need not encourage them, for they are already being encouraged and welcomed by the Universal Presence within them.

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