Tuesday, 24 August 2021

VCP for Canadians versus Liberals and Conservative-These People have my Vote!


 The VCP will protect and enforce Canadians rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, our Human Rights and our rights under the Canadian Constitution. 

The VCP believes deeply in the protection of Canadians from Governmental overreach, Government abuses, and Government threats, intimidation and attacks on Canadian freedoms.

CPP will no longer be taxed as income. Canada’s Old Age Security plan will be modernized to reflex today’s current cost of living, and qualifying amounts will be properly adjusted for annual national inflation.

We will develop a plan with full consultation, forming an Alliance with First Nations. We Will correct education discrepancies and languages.

We will begin the process of ensuring that clean drinking water systems become available on all First Nations Reserves and Territory’s.

We will recognize, honour, and respect national treaties so all Canadians can move forward together. We will meet our nation’s commitment to its NATO Allies. We will ensure the Canadian Forces are provided with the necessary funding, equipment and training to fulfill all required roles.

Support our country’s exports to world markets. We will ensure that Canadian exports can reach foreign markets, we will support the building of Canadian infrastructure that meets Canada’s national interests and energy needs.

Setting conditions for Canadian economic growth: will work with Canadian businesses to expand their market share in the global market. Opening new markets to Canadian Business through solid negotiations skills and building trust with other nations. 

We will present to Canada a viable plan to repay our current national debt. We will not create new taxes or increase taxation percentages. Canada must address it national overspending, and repeated creation of new debts for the purpose of election wins. 

The VCP will reduce overall taxes on all Canadians: Our initial step will start with a reduction of GST by 1.25% per annum, until it is eliminated. 

We will study further reductions once elected starting with elimination of loopholes that encourage tax avoidance. 

We will reduce government operations budgets by 10% focusing on overspending, extravagant purchases, and unnecessary luxury expenditures by Politicians and Senior Government bureaucrats. We will also freeze hiring of additional civil servants. The government spending nationally will be limited to 95% of the annual National budget (GDP). Government agencies and Ministries for all departments will be limited to expending only 95% of their annual budgets. Use of the remaining 5% must be justified to the Minister responsible for the agency and to the Canadian public via national press releases. All surpluses realized will be used to pay down the national debt.

We will reinstate: Post-Secondary Tax Credits on textbooks and the Education Tax Credit, along with the reinstatement of the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit. 

Reduce the pay of all Members of Parliament by 30% immediately upon election: This will be a saving of approximately 11,870,560 dollars per House of Commons session. 

Steps will be undertaken to align retiring Members of Parliament Pensions to compare with that of the Public Service Employees pension requirements. 

Will strengthen employees’ rights in the workplace: This will also include strengthening rules on the use of back to work legislation in favour of employees. 

The VCP will defend and protect Employees rights to make personal medical decisions without fear of employer retaliation.

Review Canada’s refugee policies: We will implement changes as required to enforce Canada’s existing laws for immigration and refugee claims. 

The VCP will continue to respect Canadian owners of legal firearms in Canada. We recognize that there is no current need to impose more restrictions on legal firearms or law-abiding firearms owners in Canada and therefore the OIC will be revoked.

We will repeal the Federal carbon tax: These taxes are not designed to correct the devastating effects of man-made carbon emissions. We understand that man-made emissions need to be curtailed, we will use present technology to remove carbon produced during refining and before transport to market, thus eliminating a large portion of CO2 during preparation prior to delivery to consumers. In our plan we will commit to reductions below 2015 levels by 2030 and are calling for a 50 percent reduction by 2050. 

We will mandate the fossil fuel producers to develop new cleaner fuel options and increasing emission control requirements annually leading to lower national emissions. 

The Veterans Coalition Party of Canada will reinstate the Navigable Waters Protection Act (NWPA) that was replaced by the Conservatives in 2014 with the Navigation Protection Act (NPA). The NPA destroyed the Federal protection of 99% of Canada’s waterways. 

Working with major cities and Municipalities directly to upgrade their wastewater treatment and disposal system, with extra focus on those still dumping directly into fresh waterways and ocean environments. 

The VCP believes in the use of responsibility and accountability, we commit to the creation of a functional Federal program to inspect orphaned mines, oil wells (and other natural resource concerns such as old dump sites) then initiate a national clean up and reclamation program in conjunction with the Provincial and Municipal Governments within the affected areas. 

Review Canada’s donations and contributions to the United Nations and other Nations. The VCP believes in maximizing Canada’s financial impact against poverty on the World Stage through targeted goals and actions to areas where the greatest amount of overall good can be conducted. Through NGO’s and Charity organizations abroad, Canadians can/are encouraged to support individual relief missions or social programs as conforms to their personal preferences.

Repair the current New Veterans Charter: We will return benefits for those who have defended our country and reinforce the obligation of the Federal Government to maintain care for those service members who have become ill, injured and maimed in the service of Canada. 

We will orientate Canada’s immigration process with the intent of creating a balanced system that is beneficial to both new Canadians and Canada’s current population. 

The VCP firmly believes that it is the primary responsibly of elected Members of Parliament to carry out the will of the majority of Canada’s citizens, and not to create disharmony or political strife within Canada simply to generate political party growth or retain political powers. Our VCP candidates are responsible to and for their constituencies first and for most.

VCP members are reminded regularly that they are expected to support the views and needs (always) of their constitutes in the House of Commons, including when in disagreement with the other members of the VCP. All votes in the House of Commons will be open voting for VCP members.

JUST ADDED   TO THEIR PLATFORM OF A  savings by taking a 30% pay cut is actually $17,805,840

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