Friday, 27 August 2021

What - exactly - is being stuffed into your nose?

 One year ago, the Enigma Channel's MEDICAL MAFIA TV series revealed an organisation called IPSOS MORI who work alongside Imperial College in London - they sent leaflets through parent's doors urging them to insert swabs into their children's noses.

Whilst everyone has been pondering why POLYETHYLENE GLYCOL is in some Covid vaccines, the Enigma Channel has been investigating what - exactly - is contained in the swabs.

IPSOS MORI in Latin [according to Google Translator] means "THEY DIE".

How could anyone die from a swab poked in their nose?

Well, if it contains as little as ONE PART PER MILLION of Ethylene Oxide, then, according the the U.S. and Canadian medical authorities, you may get CANCER, or SKIN BURNS, or end up with a TERATOMA TUMOUR - some of these tumours get so big they grow hair and teeth...

According to the Canadian health authorities, ETHYLENE OXIDE is a killer. 

What is ethylene oxide? The United States Environmental Protection Agency classified ethylene oxide as a human carcinogen in December 2016. “EO”, as it is known, is produced in industrial quantities as a gas and supposedly used in surgical theatres to sterilise equipment. However, in my opinion, I consider this to be a ‘cover story’ so that large scale production of this killer carcinogen can go on - one U.S. manufacturer admits on their website that emissions of EO gas have leaked from their facility. This is shocking - because EO is a massive killer... And several teachers at a school in Chicago are claiming that EO gave them all CANCER from a nearby plant...

Even in tiny quantities, like ONE PART PER MILLION, Ethylene Oxide is capable of killing a child.

Shocking, then, isn’t it, that working class kids are handed Covid test swabs which all contain EO - and British children are being told that they must insert a swab, saturated with EO, into their nose WEEKLY.

Frankly, if it is indeed used to sterilise medical gear, then why can’t they find something which is LESS TOXIC?

I strongly urge you to check it out on the Enigma Channel!

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