Thursday, 23 September 2021

Energy Work to Repair All Damage Done to Body Mind and Soul of Those that Have Taken the Covid Vax. By Cathy Bilsky

 Energy Work to Repair All Damage Done to Body Mind and Soul of Those that Have Taken the Covid Vax. By Cathy Bilsky

Let their be light! In the name of the presence of God, which I AM, thru the magnetic power of the sacred fire vested in me : I COMMAND;

 Let us cut ties to all vax propaganda from any government, media, US gov’t, CDC, WHO,  FDA, WEF AMA, US medical system, most doctors & nurses , Main Stream Media of all kinds, courts & judges,  Dept of Health, Dept of Edu, FDA, vaccines & the Pope , Bill Gates, Fauci, Klaus Schwab and all religious churches encouraging people to take the covid test and vax.

We call to their higher selves of all of the above to stop lying to people by pushing out this experimental vax to humanity. If they all choose to continue ,which is their free will, we ask their higher selves to put them all in positions of harmlessness being replaced with a light worker who wants to help humanity.

Let's cut ties from human to cloud and nano chips, frequency therapeutics and all brain tech that is interfering in peoples free will and choices. See all those programs crash and burn allowing everyone to reconnect to the Creator.

Cut all ties to all satanic magic, peer pressure  or any thought forms sent thru the air waves encouraging people to take any vax. Remove all satanic overlays around people so they see thru the lies and illusions refusing to take the vax or any booster shot in the future.

Let's send out the violet flame to transmute all  subliminal messages and thought forms that are being sent out to the masses that are interfering with free will.

Let's now send out a white noise and energy that will scramble and neutralize public conditioning thought forms along with  all energy being sent out through the cell towers. Let's wrap all those cell towers in faraday material thus not allowing them to send out any frequencies and thought forms that will hurt and harm any life form. See all that contained energy building up so the cell towers internal systems self destruct rendering them all useless.

As we remove all satanic energy overlays off of people we ask their higher selves to reconnect them to the Creator so they become awakened spiritual beings that see thru all illusion.

 Let us cut ties to all humans  and the vax's that are creating a human GMO.

For those that are awakening to the fact they may have made a poor choice by taking the vax see them receive grace neutralizing the poison in their system rendering the vax harmless. See them refusing any future covid booster shots.

We now call to their higher selves to help them reconnect to the Creator so they become awakened spiritual beings with enlightened discernment.

See all these beings reconnect to Divine Conscious that also allows them to open and reignite their chakras. In your minds eye envision everyone’s chakras gently opening. Allow all that Divine energy to integrate with their body in a gentle kind way.

 Let's call down  and send energy from the Creator that will repair all DNA that was genetically modified by the vax. See this energy repairing any gene manipulation from the vax that results in peoples health improving. See people also becoming more health conscious and starts a healthy routeen that will build up their immune system.

 We ask the Creator to send the energy that will reignite their souls and reconnect the soul to the body

  See the souls of humanity that had their souls removed from body because of the jab having that soul pulled back in and reattaching. 

 See everyone’s etheric body's reattaching. As all these energies are  pulled back in everyone experiences Divine balance and a spiritual awakening.

Ignite and expand the Ganesh particle in everyone's body that can and will repair all damaged cells and genes in people that happened after people took the vax. As this happens people get healthier and are able to stay connected to the Creator.

Cut all future ties to any false stories of animals coming down with covid. In your minds eye see humanity seeing thru the lie and refuse to vaccinate their pets with any covid vax.

Remove all energies that is keeping people from peer pressuring and becoming more accepting of each other. As everyone is healing this is done.

See all  vaccine passports crash and burning in all countries as people refuse to comply. See many lawyers taking the people responsible for creating and implementing vax passports to court and winning. Again allowing the vax passport to crash and burn.

See many lawyers band together and take all those responsible for pushing this planned pandemic to the international court where they will be tried for crimes against humanity , convicted and serving prison time.

See truth coming to light.




Never the less not our will but thy will be done.


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