Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Clearing Hate, Racism and Fear from Our Planet . 10/13/21

 Let there be light! In the name of the presence of God, which I am, thru the magnetic power of the sacred fire vested in me, I command;

I call to the Higher Selves of all men, woman and children whether reptilian, human or reptilian-human hybrid to step forward into the light.  Cut all the ties Michael the Archangel & Shiva to unbalance, fear of anyone different, patriarchy, genocide, rape, pillage, plunder, incest, greed, power, gladiator mentality, military, war, might is right mentality, from their energy field, cells, atoms, molecules, all the way down to their DNA.  Going backwards and forwards through all their incarnations affecting all ancestors past present and future.  As this energy is released I call the violet flame through them & all their works that are misdirected.  Cut all ties to all black art & negative ceremonies that are being done & any will to manipulate humanity & the earth for greed & profit.  As it is released I call Divine Male/Female consciousness into the reptilian part of their brain.

I ask the Creator to send down the energy of Love from the Pink Ray to be beamed down to all living things on earth and charge that the Angels and Goddess of Love instill in all reptilians - humans the inner knowledge that we are all God and all one.  Then with much Divine Love, transform all humanity to become loving, tolerant, nonjudgmental and non-racist.  We ask that all persons with negative feelings or emotions towards others step into the Violet flame and then onto the Light.  Let all humanity embrace diversity and move into a future of Love and faith in God, themselves and each other.  We send Divine Light to everyone's brains and hearts, extraterrestrial, reptilian and human.


I ask that the energy of racism be removed by Michael the Archangel, cutting the ties with His sword of Blue Flame since the creation of the planet until now.  Let this be trailed by the Violet Fire to transmute all back to Light.  Let those thought-forms be replaced with Divine Love.  I ask the Goddess of Truth into everything on the planet that is trying to hide racism and bring it up to the surface and protect those that are bringing the truth forward.  That she brings forward all secrets and hidden agendas, the Illuminati, Aryan nation, the Antioch Baptist Church, the KKK, Nazi Party, all Dark Politicians, skinheads, etc., are hiding or disguising regarding their practices.  Let all energy veils be removed from humankind so the Divine may again come through.  I command that all persons with negative feelings or emotions towards others, step into the Violet Flame and then onto the Light.

I call Divine Light, Divine Wisdom and Divine Caring/Compassion to everyone's heart now, and direct that energy toward the reptilian part of the brain.  I command Michael to cut all ties and soul memory to reptile/dinosaur energy.  As the Light enters, changing all cells and atoms to divine balancing, both male and female.  See the Violet Flame blaze through the reptilian part of the brain, cleansing and purifying.  Fill the brain up with Divine thoughts, raising all consciousness to Divine, letting kindness, caring and love come through now.  

For those “stuck” beings I ask the creator to shut their reptilian brain down and activate the Divine God brain. We see these beings become an awakened spiritual being that now knows better than to hurt or harm any life form.

I call to the Higher Selves of all life forms and ask that they now see everyone as brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, mothers, fathers, all one family. 

Let the love flow.

Never the less not our will but thy will be done.


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