Sunday, 10 October 2021

The Mystical Psychology of God’s Love for Every Human Being and Desire to Help Each and Every One

 Of all things that can be known in the human experience, indeed the greatest of all is the experience of love. No matter how seemingly magnificent and grand anything else in human life may appear to be, it is but a shallow substitute at best for the knowing and experiencing of love.

Love is true wealth, for if you have it in your life you will feel wealthy, even if you do not possess riches in a material or financial sense. If, on the other hand, you have abundant financial and material wealth, but are without love in your life, there is no way that what you have materially can make up for the emptiness or loneliness in your life.

As one passes through life, so many types of experiences are given priority positions in the human mind. Some of these areas are indeed important, in terms of human life experience, but none is as important as love.

As with so many things in life to which a person may be accustomed, loves true value is never fully understood or comprehended by most until such time as a particular expression of love is lost. The real value or worth of love, no matter how great it may appear to be while in the midst of experiencing it, is nothing in comparison to what it seems if it is ever lost, or its position in one’s life is threatened.

Whether in very basic or psychologically complex terms, most expressions or experiences of love can be understood to one degree or another. Similarly, the expression, concept or reality of divine love, or God’s Love, can be simplistic, or it can be very esoteric and intricate. Beyond all questions as to its nature and existence, the most important aspect of divine love or God’s Love is the major difference for good it can have in anyone’s human life experience. Its significance can supersede or go far beyond all other expressions or experiences of love as they are normally lived.

The reasons divine love can surpass and be of far greater importance than all other experiences of love is because it is the eternal love which one can have throughout childhood and on into old age or the latter years of life. It is the one love which, when all other forms of love seem lost or faded, can still prevail and provide warmth and meaning to one’s life. It is the ultimate source or essence from which all other forms of love in human experience come forth. Divine love, or God’s Love, is God or ultimate unity, and ultimate unity is ultimate wholeness or completeness.

Such love can also fill the human soul with peace when one’s life may seem to be in helpless turmoil, since it can heal the emotions. So great can God’s Love be at times in human experience, that along with healing the emotions, it can similarly heal the physical body by exerting the presence of divine love through the mortal or human side of the mind. This is done in such a way that the mind affects the chemistry of the body, and through such an effect, a physical healing is experienced.

Mystics, those who spend their lives in the pursuit of God’s Presence or ultimate reality, also feel that to the degree that one loves oneself, one is capable of first giving love, and then, as a result, receiving love. To the mystic, the ultimate reality, or the selfhood of human nature or existence, is Universal Mind-Spirit. To the mystic, Universal Mind-Spirit, or God, is the true self of selfhood or human beingness and that love is innate or inborn, or part of the nature of the mind at birth, carried to prenatal and to previous lifetimes and ultimately to the origin of life, or God. To the mystic, no such time-space limitations exist, and as a result, ultimate unity, love or God are free of restriction, and thus love is the eternal universal mind-Spirit-body of God, which has been experienced by mystics down through the ages as a field of infinite light.

Think of the Universe for a moment, with its innumerable stars, planets, galaxies, and countless life-forms occupying outer space. God is believed to be there also; omnipresent, not limited to just this one planet we know as earth. Without a mystical understanding, it would seem inconceivable that any presence, Spirit or energy could really care about any one individual. Yet, with this comprehension of the mystic, the reason behind the caring clearly emerges.

For another moment, think about the concept of other dimensions beyond this physical realm and the physical universe just described and reflect that there can be universe upon universe, just as vast as our physical universe, within dimension after dimension and that God is so vast as to be there also.

In absolute reality, there is but one life, Spirit, mind and presence in this Universe, and that is God. Because of this, in absolute, ultimate reality, if you and all others were stripped of all personal concepts of consciousness, everyone would still be conscious, however, the consciousness would be Universal Consciousness, the Mind of God, or God Consciousness. Therefore, in an absolute or ultimate reality, you and everyone else, although most would not have the least awareness of it, are God.

This is the mystical mystery behind why God does hear you, is with you at all times, does love you, does care about you, and does want to help you. As Christ put it, “The Father and I are one.” And this is what is referred to metaphysically as Christ Consciousness, which is the same mentality or awareness that was in Christ, who recognized that ultimately all of life is an expression of the one universal life of God, or love. Indeed, God does love you and desires to help you, so, let go and let your God-Self do the doing!

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