Friday 26 November 2021

Patient Interview - Neurological Issues After Vaccination


Biggest hoax ever-now that media is removing truthers-more propaganda spreads as suspected from many lol

Music Of Angels And Archangels • Music To Heal All Pains Of The Body, So...

Humanity being removed before the BIG event

We have crossed the event horizon of cognitive destruction

Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland


 SCIENTISTS have discovered black holes are easier to create than previously thought, meaning the Large Hadron Collider’s (LHC) super-sized successor will be powerful enough to spawn one.

 Switzerland: Large Hadron Collider back in action and twice as powerful · It is not possible to know what the outcome of the experiment will be, but even CERN scientists concede that there is a real possibility of creating destructive theoretical anomalies such as miniature black holes.

December 10, 2016 - A physicist working at the CERN (the European Organization for nuclear research) has been sucked into a mini black hole created by the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) located a few kilometres from Geneva in Switzerland, astride the Franco-Swiss border.

August 7, 2009 - 29, 2008 file photo, the last element, ... de Recherche Nucleaire) in Meyrin, near Geneva, Switzerland. When launched to great fanfare nearly a year ago, some feared the Large Hadron Collider would create a black hole that would destroy the world....ET ENTRENCE????????????

Black hole truths, myths and mysteries

A black hole is an object so massive and compact that not even light can escape its strong gravity.

While we’ve never directly ‘seen’ a black hole, we know they exist and that they have some unintuitive effects on space and time.

The full details of black hole mechanics are not known, but researchers have ruled out some of the most popular myths.

The cosmos far beyond our planet is filled with things so weird and wonderful that it can be difficult to believe they exist. Perhaps the weirdest of them all are black holes—bottomless pits that devour stars, power the centres of galaxies, and warp space and time. If you get too close, the entirety of time may pass you by, and there is no return.

We don’t yet know all the details of how black holes work, but this is not the same as having no knowledge at all. So let’s peer into the darkness and resolve what we can, and bust some myths along the way.

The experiments at the Large Hadron Collider sparked fears that the particle collisions might produce doomsday phenomena, involving the production of stable microscopic black holes or the creation of hypothetical particles called strangelets. Two CERN-commissioned safety reviews examined these ...

And so on and so forth-RESEARCH

Vaccines now ALTERING personalities and activating the REPTILIAN brain stem

PLANETARY CRUCIFIXION will lead to humanity's resurrection and unstoppable awakening

Situation Update, Oct 30th, 2021 - COVID vaccines approved for CHILDREN in largest demonic child sacrifice BLOOD RITUAL in the history of the world

- Hospitals now SUFFOCATING patients with plastic bags!

- Humanity being removed before the BIG event

he VACCINATED are DROPPING DEAD in plain view as Fauci admits total vax FAILURE

Globalists SABOTAGE fertilizer factories and transport to set stage for CROP COLLAPSE in 2022

Situation Update, Nov 3, 2021 - Democrat "blood bath" signals turning point for human AWAKENING

Thursday 25 November 2021

Oct 29, 2021 - You Were Born Into a PRISON... NOW is Humanity's Moment to Declare Universal FREEDOM!

Vaccinated Americans will lose immune function by Christmas and grow cancer in 2022

 The elephant in the room with covid vaccines is not merely that they are erasing the immune systems of those who take the jabs, but that the destruction of immune function will lead to an unprecedented acceleration in cancer tumor growth that will overwhelm the medical system and kill tens of millions over the next decade.

A wave of cancer represents the last phase of the medical looting of America... reaping obscene profits from chemotherapy and cancer surgeries while tens of millions of Americans are killed off by the depopulation vaccine weapon system.

Today, we cover the coming vaccine-induced cancer wave which will accelerate through 2022 and kill off tens of millions through 2031.

Sadly, this is already in place and cannot be stopped. The population is now ticking away like a countdown clock.

Natural Selection at its finest! Ahem!

VAX FAIL: Covid cases soar in Germany despite 67% “vaccine” compliance


The World Health Organization (WHO) says it is really worried about the latest wave of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) to emerge in mostly-“vaccinated” Germany.

Even though nearly 67 percent of Germany is now “fully vaccinated” for the Fauci Flu, Kluge estimates that “another half a million” people will die from “covid” by February.

The latest science shows that people who get vaccinated against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) are much more likely to become infected

The latest science shows that people who get vaccinated against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) are much more likely to become infected with the disease than their unvaccinated counterparts. The British government, meanwhile, is desperately trying to scrub this fact from its official reporting.

The U.K. Health Security Agency (UKHSA), which took over the now-defunct Public Health England, removed a graph from its weekly update report depicting significantly higher rates of infection among the “fully vaccinated” compared to those with natural immunity.


The world is starting to notice how many young athletes are DYING after taking covid vaccines

 Young, healthy athletes from around the world are suddenly starting to suffer from heart conditions, breathing difficulties, nervous system disorders, among other serious chronic diseases. Some athletes are collapsing on the playing field, never to wake again.

A German newspaper, Berliner Zeitung, took note of this disturbing pattern of cardiac arrest in a report titled, “Puzzling heart diseases in football.” The report seeks to understand why an “unusually large number of professional and amateur soccer players have collapsed recently.” The world is starting to notice how many young athletes are suffering and DYING after taking covid vaccines. Jake Kazmarek, a 28-year-old bodybuilder died unexpectedly four days after taking a covid vaccine. Another recently-vaccinated athlete collapsed in the middle of a game; hockey player Boris Sadecky (24) died after suddenly collapsing on the ice reports natural news

It's getting to the point where we ourselves go soldiering for our individual protection.


 Vaccine passports turn every society into a dystopian nightmare, forcing unvaccinated people to live like fugitives, unable to buy groceries, fuel, medicine or even clothing, due to being banned from almost every retail establishment. They are also banned from banks, libraries and universities, denied access to financial services and higher education.

A shocking eyewitness account of life in Lithuania -- under covid passport rules -- has now surfaced thanks to a courageous individual reporting there. It reveals a medical police state gone completely mad.

Governments have become terrorists, doctors have become murderers, and vaccine advocates have become death cult worshipers. Importantly, the spike protein injections eat their higher brain function, turning them into animalistic "reptilian" zombies who are incapable of empathy or compassion.

The zombie apocalypse has literally begun.



Monday 22 November 2021

PEACE be with You ~ Shaina Noll ~ Song for the inner Child

✠ German Police Special Forces || GSG9, PSA & BFE+ || Bundespolizei

Covid and the Destruction of The Bill of Rights

 Covid and the Destruction of The Bill of Rights

How the reaction to the Covid 19 virus has created a climate of fear that has allowed the government to destroy the Bill of Rights with very little opposition

     Socialism is the enemy of the Constitution and of constitutional government in general. Socialism is at war with the Constitution, and for the last century at least, socialism has been triumphant over constitutional government. The result of that triumph has been the centralization of almost everything, along with the rising power of government bureaucracies which intimidate, regulate, and control almost everything. Things such as the medical industries in western countries are now virtually owned by the various governments in which they reside. Therefore, doctors, scientists, and others in the medical profession are intimidated and influenced by the politics that now controls what they do, how they think, and what they can and will do for their patients.


     The advice of doctors to their patients bears a remarkable resemblance to the political thumb under which that doctor resides. Here is what most people apparently do not understand and where most, if not all, of the divide among people originates. Governments lie, cheat, and steal and they always have. Perhaps, at least it appears, that they always will, and we should, therefore, keep that fact in mind when we deal with anything governmental or anything controlled by government. Today, unfortunately, that is almost everything.


     Governments are made up of mortal human beings like the rest of us, but they do not see themselves that way. The Constitution was written as a document whereby ordinary citizens could hold government accountable and prevent it from running out of control. Ordinary people were free to criticize government officials as enshrined in the 1st amendment. The triumph of socialism destroyed the Constitution, or at least the Bill of Rights, and so there is nothing left but the oppressive hand of government and its captive bureaucracies and captive media, or propaganda wing.


     To close this introductory section, here is a quote from Paul Craig Roberts: “Everyone who reads the New York Times, Washington Post, listens to NPR, CNN, MSNBC, BBC, and the rest of the official media is engaging in self-brainwashing, self-indoctrination. They are making themselves blind, stupid, and acceptable of tyranny.” This is the condition in which we now find ourselves and the rest of this report addresses how it all relates to Covid.


     A massive protest was held Saturday, the 13th, in Milan, Italy and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. was invited to speak. Mr. Kennedy is a Hall of Fame member of the Trial Lawyers Association and for many years has fought to protect us from the dangers of many vaccines. Much of his speech came from his new book, which was released this week entitled, “The Real Anthony Fauci.”


     Mr. Kennedy’s speech contains one of the clearest explanations of the entire Covid controversy and the government’s response to it. Here are a few quotes from the speech, beginning with the opening paragraph. 


     “No government in the history of mankind has ever relinquished power voluntarily. The power that they have taken away from us over the past 20 months, they will never give back. They have taken away our freedom of speech, they have closed the churches.  They have taken away jury trials against companies, no matter how negligent they are, no matter how reckless they are, no matter how grievous your injury, you cannot sue that company.


     "They have taken away our property rights in the United States. They closed a million businesses for a year with no just compensation and no due process. They have taken away our right to be free of warrantless searches and seizures and surveillance by the government. In the United States all of those rights are enumerated in our Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution. And among the most important of those rights, after the right of free expression, which is gone, is the right to be able to participate in rule-making.”


     Mr. Kennedy went on to describe a system in which no due process exists. There are no real tests and no real attempt to publish and explain the law that is being proposed to the people instead it is just issued as a mandate. The people who might oppose the law are not allowed to comment, ask questions, or bring in their own scientists, doctors, and other experts to testify. Those safeguards have all been obliterated. Today the law is what one man says it is and that man is Tony Fauci, a man who has never treated a single Covid patient.


     “All of these rights that the Founders of our country died for, sacrificed their properties, their livelihoods, to give us the Bill of Rights, and all of these rights over 20 months have been obliterated, taken from the American people - but not just the American people. This is a global coup d’etat against liberal democracies across the planet. And all of these rights that were taken away from us, these governments said it was only temporary. They said it would only be two weeks. In truth, you can all see what is happening: They will never give them back unless we make them.”


     He pointed out to the Italian people that their Green Pass is not for health, but it is for totalitarian control of transportation, bank accounts, movement, every aspect of their lives. This is not a new idea. They had the same idea in Germany in 1937, they had a pass for people they wanted to control. A Green Pass is needed to make sure everybody gets vaccinated, but they admit the vaccine does not prevent transmission, and does not prevent you from getting the disease, the vaccine will not stop the pandemic, so why do we all need to get vaccinated?


     Public health is about saving lives, but this is about control and controlling our society and controlling our children. The only reason people don’t understand these things is the manipulation of fear. Mr. Kennedy pointed out that if people would just take the time to do their own research instead of trusting an untrustworthy government and its owned medical establishment, they would be more afraid of the vaccine than the virus. The government and the pharmaceutical companies have a device to turn off human brains from thinking clearly, and that device is fear.  Fear prevents critical thinking. If we will just do what we are told, then we will be safe.  And if we get sick, then it must be because we did not do what we were told.


     Mr. Kennedy, in researching his book, found hundreds of simulations of pandemics that were all with CIA involvement and all discussing how to stop resistance to vaccines, how to lock down populations, etc. These simulations and meetings have gone on for decades, and the CIA wrote the script for every one of the simulation exercises. The CIA in 1967 conducted an experiment called the Milgram experiment which found that when a powerful medical officer orders people to do something wrong, something that violates their conscience, that violates their basic values, 67% of people will obey authority over their values. 67% of the people will be hypnotized by fear into obeying a figure of authority, but 33% will not obey. Isn’t it interesting that these figures are very close to the percentages of the U.S. population that have been vaccinated vs not vaccinated?"


     In closing his speech Mr. Kennedy said, “This year we saw the destruction of the American Constitution. The Constitution was written by a group of people who understood that there are worse things than dying. And they put their lives on the front line, their property, their careers, their livelihoods, to fight for those rights that we have lost in the previous 20 months. And now it is the job of everybody in this crowd, to go out and fight back, to resist, resist, resist, and to reclaim our government, to reclaim our lives, to reclaim our liberty, for our children, for our country, and for all future generations.  And I can tell you this, I will stand side by side with you, and if I have to die for this, I’m going to die with my boots on.”


     Finally, folks, these people are so evil they would inject your 5-year-old with a bio-weapon. It's not a vaccine because it does not do what a vaccine, by definition, does. Evil people reach out their cold hands to you and say take my hand and I will calm your fears.  But as Senator Rand Paul said to Dr. Fauci in a senate hearing, "you have killed millions of people with your gain of function research." We so desperately want to trust and to take the hand, but it is not the hand of our Founders, our mothers and fathers, and grandparents. This is a new hand, and afraid or not, we take it at the peril of ourselves and our posterity.

 The above is an abbreviated version of The Castle Report podcast of November 19, 2021.

“We’ve Had ENOUGH!!” Australia’s SCARY New Pandemic Powers

Saturday 20 November 2021

A Final Warning to Humanity from former Pfizer Chief Scientist Michael Y...



Live From Worldwide Freedom Rallies Across Canada

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Worldwide Rally For Freedom, Peace & Rights: Brisbane March Raw Footage

Worldwide Freedom Rally

Sunday 14 November 2021

School of Life and Balance

 If a person were to attempt to derive some spiritual meaning from life, it could be likened unto a temporary school, occupied by one’s soul as it makes its way through eternity.  Life and its experiences become as instructors, teaching each soul to better understand the reality of life according to the soul’s evolvement to comprehend it on a conscious level. Herein is part of life’s mystery, that the soul learns consciously or unconsciously.

Everything that is experienced becomes part of the subconscious memory-levels of one’s mind, whether seen or unseen, whether of this physical world or other worlds.  A person may therefore be unaware that their soul is going through a learning process. The main consideration, however, is that learning is taking place and that it has effects on one’s soul.

From the opening to the closing curtain, life is a play, with one entering the first scene as an infant and leaving as an older person. Between these two extremes of our entrance and our departure, life itself is very precious. It could be said that life’s experiences teach us about ourselves, so much so, that after a time, many will come to learn about the existence of a higher order of life within them.

Outer, physical experiences of the world surrounding us eventually invoke an inner spiritual world. At times, what we may be lacking outwardly serves to teach us about the vast potential within us, as we are forced to reach deep inside ourselves to that unconscious reserve, which will eventually be our hope of an improved future, whether in this lifetime or in others beyond the soul’s present life sojourn.

What each person learns may vary greatly from one individual to another, depending upon how far they have actually evolved their consciousness on a universal scale of measure. Two people may respond, on a conscious level, in very different ways to the same experience.

One may react on a conscious level, while the other is oblivious consciously, although the learning process is still registered and recorded in the subconscious memory-level of the mind, to be drawn upon in whole or in part when the time is appropriate. Drawing upon what is in the memory-level of one’s mind is not limited to an accumulation in this single lifetime, but includes all previous lifetimes of recorded experience. Everything that has ever been experienced that is of lasting truth is retained in the soul’s memory-level, to be drawn upon when the evolutionary time is right and conditions warrant.

The lessons that are to be learned are spiritual ones. On the surface, many would appear to be worldly, but beneath the surface, they are part of the learning process of the soul. Because all experience must affect the person over many lifetimes, their lessons belong to the realm and province of their own soul.

Each worldly experience in this lifetime must be understood to have a spiritual side or counterpart that will go on beyond this one life to eternally serve the soul. The spiritual side of all your experiences in this lifetime is what is ultimately important and significant, as all else passes with the dusts of time.

The eternal part alone lives on, and therefore is the true measure of value and importance.  Material possessions or needs can serve only a temporary purpose at best, to provide enough comfort for a person that their mind may be free of any worldly pressures in order to be free to pursue the spiritual reality of their own being and its relationship to others and the Universe. Being in a position to surround oneself with beautiful possessions of this world is only of worth when an atmosphere of beauty surrounding oneself is stimulating and conducive to pursuing the source of all beauty to be found in the spiritual realm of oneself. Beyond what is described here, material possessions and beauty serve only the fleeting purposes of physical self-indulgence, and are thus a diversion from sensing the true, lasting value of life to be found within one’s own soul.

Until a soul learns the spiritual lessons of life, the outer manifestation of one’s life may be in a hurry to do something that, in reality, amounts to nothing of any real value. Patience, carried out to its ultimate spiritual side, is eternity itself. Being patient does not mean going to another extreme and doing nothing under the name and guise of having found eternal peace. It does mean maintaining one’s composure in the light of the spiritual side or reality of what is taking place at any given moment of eternal time.

When life’s lessons are learned sufficiently to the point wherein a person realizes that it is one’s eternal soul that is doing the learning, then the concept of maintaining balance in one’s life takes on a spiritual side. Balance, then, becomes a balance of body, mind and soul, spirit, or one’s spiritual nature and the presence of God abiding within it.

Through living one’s life and formulating a lifestyle to accommodate it, a person does what is necessary to maintain a balance between the needs of the body, mind and spirit respectively. Also learned is that although one should strive for a balance as the preferred ideal, should the need for a choice between the three ever arise, the spirit must take priority, since it is the very foundation upon which the body and outer mind ever exist.

The main point to be gleaned from this is that there is a spiritual side to everything that takes place in the human experience, and that this is the most important thing in life to be learned.

Friday 5 November 2021

Fauci's Back... You Won't Believe What He's Up to Now

Check out the fideo HERE 

Fauci's Back... You Won't Believe What He's Up to Now

Remember the 6-foot "social distancing" recommendation?

Turns out, it wasn't based on science.

This number was essentially made up, according to Dr. Scott Gottlieb of the FDA.

But this isn't stopping Fauci from coming up with even more arbitrary rules that cause REAL harm to real Americans.

You see, although the truth about Fauci is now public...

He funded coronavirus research happening with the Chinese military.

In 2012, he wrote a paper admitting this research could "trigger a pandemic." But the knowledge gained from it was more important than this...

He's still pounding the table with his tyrannical ideas.

For example, he's now pressuring Biden to ban air travel for anyone who refuses the vaccine.

And even though an international group of vaccine scientists wrote a paper arguing that boosters are NOT necessary, Fauci says everyone will "inevitably" need more shots.

So what's really behind these mandates... if it's not the science?

If you want the real answer (it might surprise you), you'll want to check out this recent video we helped put together.

It's a chilling expose about what Fauci is really up to... from a former Washington D.C. insider and medical doctor.

Thursday 4 November 2021

It's not just about atom bombs... It's about ALIENS...

 A series of highly destructive atomic explosions climaxed in July 1962, when Oppenheimer’s team executed “Starfish Prime” - a hydrogen bomb explosion 240 miles up in the atmosphere that was 100 times stronger than Hiroshima and created an artificial ‘Northern Lights’ aurora 4,000 miles away over Australia!

Last Night I saw the Northern Lights here in canada-brighter than I've ever seen!

...But why would Oppenheimer BOMB THE ATMOSPHERE?

THE REAL DOCTOR STRANGELOVES gives you page after page after page of chilling FACTS about the maniacal plans of Oppenheimer, Edward Teller and a man who would later found JET PROPULSION LABS - a man who baptised himself as the ARMILUSS - the Jewish version of the Christian ANTICHRIST - yes - this man was in charge of billions of dollars of tax payers money at JPL and NASA!

Oppenheimer knew EXACTLY what he was doing. By the time StarFish Prime exploded, he had already realised that ALIENS - yes, aliens - were attracted to planet earth by these potentially catastrophic atomic bombs. 

In fact, in June of 1947, Albert Einstein and Robert Oppenheimer wrote a TOP SECRET six page document entitled “Relationships with Inhabitants of Celestrial Bodies”. It was for the eyes of the President of the United States - and his eyes only. 

This six-page document is one of the first to refer to ‘biological extraterrestrial entities’ [EBE’s] and states that the presence of ALIENS is something accepted by the military for a long time. 

It has never been investigated on mainstream media - but is central to the research in CHRIS EVERARD’s digital book THE REAL DOCTOR STRANGELOVES 

The U.S. government planned to boil the oceans of planet earth

A bakelite phone rang, there was no polite ‘hello’ - the line crackled, caused by radioactive radical muons and other as-yet-uncategorized fission particles streaming at light speed through the ten-feet-thick concrete walls of the bunker-laboratory... 

“If the temperature of a detonation was high enough, Mr Oppenheimer, nitrogen atoms in the atmosphere would fuse, releasing energy. Ignition of atmospheric nitrogen might cause hydrogen in the oceans to fuse….” 

Robert Oppenheimer sucked on his pipe and twiddled his Hindu meditation beads “You mean ‘explode’, not just ‘fuse’?” [silent pause]...

 “Yes, sir, that’s what I mean - it could trigger a chain reaction which would boil the oceans and evaporate the entire atmosphere of planet earth”… 

Oppenheimer fidgeted with the slide rule which had been a gift from Einstein... 

“What, er, what… Can you tell me, er, is the equivalent force of the explosion in terms of tons of TNT?”



“Well, Sir, um… The explosive power - would be equivalent to 15 million tons of TNT”…

Oppenheimer picked up the bronze statue of KALI, the Hindu god of destruction and said “Do it!”.


Nobody is surprised by the government’s moving goal-posts anymore.

Depopulation Agenda-check it out on Natural News .cOM

Rand Paul Just Exposed Dr. Fauci Again

Wednesday 3 November 2021