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The Violet Flame – Alchemy to Heal Body, Mind and Soul 
Many divine mystics of the East and West have known of a secret for thousands of years that was so powerful and life-changing that Jesus and many spiritual teachers such as the Master Saint Germain taught this to certain devotees. This once well-kept secret is the violet flame. This powerful alchemy tool has the power to changes your past, erase the mistakes, to bring through deep forgiveness and healing as well as accelerate you along your soul journey.
The violet flame is no longer a secret and is completely available to you and all people of all cultures and spiritual traditions to assist in deep transformation. The violet flame can change your life forever and the entire planet as well.
The Spiritual Alchemy and Mystery Of the Violet Flame
The violet flame is the greatest and most profound gift we are given of the new millennium. This is one of the most life-changing gifts one can truly receive. The spiritual alchemy of the violet flame can assist everywhere in life. It holds the memory of divine perfection of what can be in everyone, all things, each place, and every single circumstance.
I personally have seen the profound healing and transformational effects of using the violet flame both for my own journey and that of others. It can provide clarity and answers to the most difficult challenges we face as well as bring very profound healing to the mind, body, and soul.
The violet flame holds an extremely high-frequency light which is why it has such a tremendous power to transform lives. The way the violet flames frequency and light works is by spanning the physical and spiritual realms. It holds a vibrant spiritual light and fire that transmutes all energy from its current state to a higher one. This violet flame holds a powerful key and spiritual fire of divine alchemy and nothing else in the world can hold such an ability to produce change like this. It truly is a life transformational tool.
The Violet Flame Transforms at the Deepest Level of Being
Working with the violet flame can restore out vitality, bring peace and balance into our life and clear out any blocks to the pure flow of energy available. As you connect to the violet flame you are able to inspire your creativity as well as unlock divine gifts from within. As the lower and dense energy holding you back is transmuted, it uplifts the being in a way that creates miracles and alignment.
The violet flame has the ability to heal the emotional as well as physical issues. It can improve our relationships and especially powerful for Twin Flame ascension. It is a tool to clear karma and all past life trauma on all levels to assist moving higher and moving with ease and grace.
What is extremely profound about the violet flame is how it assists with the deep fulfillment of our soul’s innermost desires and divine mission. There are energies within the violet flame of deep forgiveness, grace, mercy, joy, and freedom that will come into our being and thus the entire world.
You can Access and Transform with The Violet Flame Anytime
To work with the powerful healing effects of the violet flame, all you need to do is intend to connect anytime and anywhere. You can use prayers, decrees, mantras, and visualization to assist in this process.
Whether you are trying to create a successful business, work through your ascension process, heal your Twin Flame connection, clear past life karma, raise a family, serve your community, or any other ventures, this powerful tool has the ability to powerfully shift and transform your life for the better.
Most people on Earth currently still do not know about the powerful life-changing method of using the violet flame, however, many are awakening and sensing this divine light of freedom via their soul and feeling this energy of change occurring.
Our entire planet is shifting in consciousness and because of this, we are being brought new innovations for all areas of life and on all levels of being. We are seeing just how both science and spirituality actually connect more than ever. There have been profound steps in our technological progress as well as an intense acceleration in spiritual evolution occurring.
We live in an amazing moment on earth where it is possible to break free from the past, the karma, the old ways of being and thus move higher in consciousness, creating the new Earth frequency and into an unprecedented era of divine sovereignty, freedom, peace, love, joy, and enlightenment.
I have created a powerful violet flame healing meditation here to assist in your spiritual journey and deep healing. This contains light language activations, an I AM decree as well as sound frequencies to assist the divine process of transformation.
Alchemy of The Violet Flame is the Missing Link of the New Era
There has been a missing element for this smooth transition higher and into a new passage of this New earth vibration. The violet flame is the key to creating that shift into the new and to lift up and out of the lower distortion, false templates, and inorganic grids. It has so much power to create, transmute, erase, and basically resolve any and all problems we face within these moments on Earth. What this is helping us with is the alchemical action of deep transmutation and this allows us to then transcend ourselves and go higher.
As people open to using the violet flame in their daily lives, they begin to discover their truth and inner power of who they really are as well. We are beginning to know that there are profound spiritual forces within us, within each cell and atom and within our DNA and the fire of the heart-space.
As we shift and begin to unlock ourselves more fully we connect to our highest potential and clear out the false limitations. It is amazing to know that there is a beautiful gift to use as a key to self-transformation as well as a universal agent of change. We can access infinite power that is available always and is within us. It is time now that we open to exploring how this divine healing light and fire of the potent violet flame can do so much good for the life of all beings.
We Have the Ability to Change Negative Energy Into Positive Energy
What the violet flame holds is the closest vibration to the chemical elements and compounds that exist within our physical reality. Because of this similarity in vibration, it has the most significant ability to really interpenetrate and transform physical matter. It can infuse with the body, the soul, a mountain, a plant, all things. It goes into each and every atom, molecule, cell, of both spirit and matter with its unique vibration and divine keynote.
As soon as you bring through the violet flame, it automatically infuses and sings its tone of whatever substance it connects with to bring about purification, harmony, and restoring perfect frequency. When the violet flame goes into the negative and dense energy of physical matter, it has the ability to shift it into positive energy and allow it to flow freely again.
The beautiful gift of the violet flame is that is works on the spiritual levels, permeating each cell and atom of your body, your emotions, your memories, and consciousness. It clears the ingrained patterns as well as the energy that is picked up from the collective.
As you continue to use the violet flame as a powerful transformation tool, it goes deeper and deeper. It will begin to penetrate the most secret of places within the being, the mind, and unconsciousness on all levels. It will completely sweep and cleanse you of all the debris of so many lifetimes held. It will completely restore the divine flow of infinite light that is within you now.
You are invited to explore this powerful healing method for yourself and to begin connecting daily to assist your journey. This a gift to have access to divine love on earth and beyond.

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