Friday 28 January 2022






Freedom Convoy | Ontario

Tribute to Canada: Convoy to Ottawa 2022

Freedom Convoys Benjamin Dichter: "Phone Was Tracked"

USA 🇺🇸 Truck Drivers are Coming to the border #freedomConvoy2022

Conway has arrived at Parliament Hill #FreedomConvoy2022

Robert Kiyosaki 2019 - The Speech That Broke The Internet!!! KEEP THEM P...


Quebec’s unvaccinated tax, post-pandemic health-care funding | At Issue

WATCH: Pierre Poilievre SLAMS media for smearing truckers

 Truckers from across Canada are converging on Ottawa in a massive grassroots campaign to stand up to Justin Trudeau's reckless and authoritarian policies.

A Health Tax for unvaxed is not a pandemic,gov't bullying is not a pandemic-all this is is a scam to grab money and make America weak.The Banks and politicians are doing great by the way-while we lose our jobs and homes.....

Predictably, Justin Trudeau's media lapdogs are searching for a few fringe elements to smear the entire campaign.

Pierre Poilievre had the PERFECT response to a question about this from the media.


What a hopeful sign this is. Most folks want these freedom-stealing regulations banished. It's only the elitist politicians and bureaucrats, who never lost a day's pay, who are in love with this made-up crisis.


 Investigators Reveal Cult, Murder, and Spies Around Photos of ‘Chinese Troops’ in Canada

A viral video from Canada made headlines in the United States, and showed what looked like Chinese military troops marching along a road on a secluded island. Investigators have now uncovered the group shown in the photos, and its ties to an alleged cult with ties to the Chinese regime—with a strange story surrounding it, involving United Front spy operations, an unsolved murder, and organized crime. To learn more about this story, we sat down for a discussion with the investigators: Ina Mitchell, an investigative reporter, and Scott McGregor, a former member of the Canadian Military Intelligence Office—authors of the new book, “The Mosaic Effect: How the Chinese Communist Party Started a War in America’s Backyard.”

FREEDOM CONVOY CANADA "Trudeau in hiding!"

WOW! Way To Go Canada!

Wednesday 12 January 2022

The Supreme Court appears poised to rule against two Biden administration COVID-19 vaccine mandates

 Justices heard arguments last week for and against the mandates, one of which applies to every private business with 100 or more workers and the other of which covers every health care institution that receives Medicare or Medicaid funding.

Most justices seemed skeptical that the federal government has the power to impose such broad mandates, but others appeared to support the vaccination requirements.

Henneke, whose group brought a suit against the business mandate, said he sees a court that is comfortable, at some level, with mandates.

The Supreme Court has not ruled against any mandates and declined to intervene in multiple cases dealing with ones at the state level, including a mandate for New York health care workers.

“As I look at the court, as I look at where five justices may be—they accepted this case, challenging the Biden vaccine mandates, but they rejected other cases that have come from state vaccine mandates—and what that tells me is that the court may be thinking ‘this is not proper for the federal government but we’re not going to disturb the states in their power to regulate and adopt laws for public health and safety,'” Henneke said.

“So it could leave a situation where it’ll be a state-by-state decision. I think that would go too far. I still think that intrudes upon the personal autonomy and liberty of the individual. But it does also restore kind of the states as the policymakers of the nation and at least allows citizens to live and work in a state that may have policies and laws that best reflect their views.”

If justices decide to go that route, that could very well trigger certain migration patterns, whether it’s people moving to a state that has stricter policies or looser ones.

, “I think this could be another example of where, for individuals that don’t want to have government into their personal business and in terms of health care choices, will move to those kinds of states where those policies best reflect their personal beliefs. And if you want to live in a state that has passed vaccine passports and vaccine mandates and heavy health care regulatory requirements, good for you—choose one of those states to live in. And we’ll kind of see how the American population sorts itself out,” he said.

Sunday 9 January 2022


 Several thousand protesters took to the streets of downtown Montreal Saturday to voice their opposition to the province’s pandemic measures—whether the recently imposed curfew or the vaccine passport.

Not all were unvaccinated, with some taking a stand for freedom of choice or having received the first two doses and refusing a third due to constantly changing goalposts.

People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier, who’s been vocal in criticizing the restrictions and mandates, was in attendance with a group of his supporters.

“I’m here like everyone else to tell the Trudeau and Legault governments that enough is enough. It’s not by trampling on our rights and freedoms that we’re going to solve the pandemic,”

“They’re trying to turn the non-vaccinated into the scapegoats of this pandemic. It’s completely unjust, discriminatory. The real scapegoats are the politicians ruling us. They’ve had years to change the health-care system, which is a totalitarian.

Bernier says we should learn to live with the virus and protect the most vulnerable while letting others get on with their lives.

“We’re sick of this criminal government,”  “Everything we’re going through is ridiculous. The masks, the curfew—they’re lying to us all day long.”

And trying to bully mandates of vaccine on our Human Rights

Monday 3 January 2022

A Happy New Year


 As 2021 comes to a close, it may be difficult to find the good in what it’s brought. Due to the continued impact of COVID-19, the increase in gun violence, and the growing threat of climate-related conflict (just to name a few examples), this year’s events have created unexpected change in everyone’s lives. The ending of a year would usually bring about joyous moments and an exciting list of New Year’s resolutions to accomplish, but instead, 2021 has left us desperately in need of hope, healing, and peace. Kicking the year off with New Year’s prayers can help you set the best intentions for 2022, even if the stressors of 2021 don't dissipate the moment the clock strikes midnight on January 1.

Praying is typically considered something done exclusively by those who are religious, but there are plenty of prayers that can be applied to any area of your life, even if you are not religious yourself. Whether pulled from the Bible or found from others who have wanted to provide encouragement through tough times, prayers are nothing but love notes to God that come from your heart at the moments needed. If you haven’t quite found the right words to get you motivated for what could be a year of new beginnings, then these 10 New Year’s prayers will hopefully give you a fresh start after a tumultuous year and help you embark on a chapter worth celebrating again.


Dear God,

Thank You for new beginnings. What an incredible day this is with a fresh year's potential stretched out before me. I want to be found faithful this year in each and every opportunity You bring to me. Thank You, Lord, for new beginnings. I pray this in Jesus' name. Amen.

— Pastor David McGee


Lord Jesus,

I thank You that You are with me, that You are in me. Resolutions might come in one year and go out the other. Open my ears this year, so that I can hear You and enjoy You at every junction, when You tell me to turn right or left. Amen.


Consult not your fears, but your hopes and your dreams.

Think not about your frustrations, but about your unfulfilled potential.

Concern not yourself with what you tried and failed in, but what it is still possible to do.

Now is the time to put aside past and present setbacks and failures and look with confidence to the new day called tomorrow.

— Pope John XXIII


Dear God,

Give me the courage to begin again — to overlook the difficulties, to overcome the obstacles and to stay open to the moment as best I can. Help me be patient enough to know it takes time to start over, and wise enough to ask for help from friends and family when I need it. As I look to the future, may I reflect on the past and remember the lessons it’s taught me. And God, may I always look to you for strength and guidance.


Dear God,

On this day I ask You to grant this request?

May I know who I am and what I am, every moment of every day.

May I be a catalyst for light and love, and bring inspiration to those whose eyes I meet.

May I have the strength to stand tall in the face of conflict, and the courage to speak my voice, even when I'm scared.

May I have the humility to follow my heart, and the passion to live my soul's desires.

May I seek to know the highest truth, and dismiss the gravitational pull of my lower self.

May I embrace and love the totality of myself? My darkness as well as my light.

May I be brave enough to hear my heart? To let it soften so that I may gracefully choose faith over fear.

Today is my day to surrender anything that stands between the sacredness of my humanity and my divinity.

May I be drenched in my Holiness and engulfed by Your love.

May all else melt away.

And so it is.


God of Love,

You are with us in every transition and change.

As we enter into this new era with excitement and even some anxiety,we recall your deep compassion, presence, and abounding love.

We thank you for the gifts, talents and skills with which you have blessed us.

We thank you for the experiences that have brought us to this moment.

We thank you for the work of others that gives breadth and depth to our own work.

Be with us as we move forward, rejoicing with you and supporting one another.

We ask this in your Holy Name.


As the dawn breaks on a new year, let us give thanks for all we hold dear: our health, our family and our friends.

Let us release our grudges, our anger and our pains, for these are nothing but binding chains. Let us live each day in the most loving ways, the God-conscious way. Let us serve all who are in need, regardless of race, color or creed.

Let us keep God of our own understanding in our hearts and to chant God's name each day. Let us lead the world from darkness to light, from falsehood to truth and from wrong to right.

Let us remember that we are all one, embracing all, discriminating against none.

May your year be filled with peace, prosperity and love. May God's blessings shower upon you and bestow upon each of you a bright, healthy and peaceful new year.


God of all time, help us enter the New Year quietly, thoughtful of who we are to ourselves and to others, mindful that our steps make an impact and our words carry power.

May we walk gently.

May we speak only after we have listened well.

Creator of all life, help us enter the New Year reverently, aware that you have endowed every creature and plant, every person and habitat with beauty and purpose.

May we regard the world with tenderness.

May we honor rather than destroy.

Lower of all souls, help us enter the New Year joyfully, willing to laugh and dance and dream, remembering our many gifts with thanks and looking forward to blessings yet to come.

May we welcome your lavish love.In this new year, may the grace and peace of Christ bless us now and in the days ahead.


May the Lord make my New Year a happy one...

Not by shielding me from sorrow and pain, but by strengthening me to bear it if it comes.

Not by making my path easy, but by making me sturdy enough to tread any path.

Not by taking hardship from me, but by taking all cowardice and fear from my heart as I meet hardships.

Not by granting me unbroken sunshine, but by keeping my face bright even in the shadows.

Not by making my life always pleasant, but by showing me where men and His cause need me most and by making me zealous to be there and to help...

God, make my year a happy one.



Heavenly Father,

At midnight,

When the old year dies,

And the new comes bounding in,

I draw strength from knowing

That in the next twelve months

The snows will go

The buds will burst

The heat will rise

The leaves will fly,

That all these things will happen

According to Your schedule

And in Your time;

That there is order in Your universe,

And that I am part of it.


Sunday 2 January 2022



Unvaccinated Workers Who Lose Their Job May Also Lose EI Benefits, Employment Minister Says

 Canadians who become jobless because they aren’t willing to get vaccinated for COVID-19 may be ineligible for employment insurance (EI) benefits, Employment Minister Carla Qualtrough said.

In an interview with The Canadian Press, Qualtrough said the decision was made in part to ensure workplaces weren’t shut down due to an outbreak, and also to encourage vaccine uptake.

You assholes come to my door-I've got guns........let's all play rullet.