Friday, 1 April 2022

The final chapter of a debt-based empire

 You cannot say it better than Mike Adams in saying Death of the dollar begins today; the final chapter of a debt-based empire

If you want gas, find roubles." Those are the words of Vyacheslav Volodin, the speaker of the lower house of the Russian parliament, as reported by the BBC this week. The story follows up with a bombshell that has been scarcely reported:

The Kremlin also said Russia could start demanding payment in roubles for other commodities such as fertiliser, grain, metals and timber.

This means that Russia isn't merely demanding rubles for gas and oil exports; it's also going to demand rubles for commodities.

The ruble has already achieved a full recovery from its initial plunge following the economic sanctions put in place by the West. While the corporate media was initially claiming Russia's currency would collapse within days, quite the opposite has happened. Russia's currency is actually climbing steadily in value while the dollar, the euro and the yen are all losing value at a shocking rate.

Today will be remember as the beginning of the end of the US dollar, and the end of the "empire of debt" that it bolstered since 1971.

As a Friend said-Politicians sold your freedoms for money only to come find out it aint worth a nickel!

That is what they do-get you to turn your back on your own and shoot to kill afterword because you proved yourself untrustworthy. Always stand for something people! And Greed will never win!It may seem like it-but what most don't realize is that there is such a thing as judgement day.

Trudeau's spending on personal things like holidays,updating home,college funds for his children and well-we can go on and on-gosh I feel like Celine Dion right about now-with taxpayer money-basically going to call it what it is-STEALING-is because he knew ahead of time that the money system would be done.

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