Everything Is Energy

Most people aren’t aware of this, but science has proven that everything in our universe is made of the same energy.

From the screen you’re looking at now, to the ocean and the trees, to the stars in the sky and the bed you sleep on at night  even your body  it’s all made of exactly the same stuff Energy

And naturally, because we’re made of energy we give off energy too.

In fact, energy is literally pulsing through your body right now as you read these words  it’s shooting through so-called meridian lines in your body (the basis of acupuncture) and is swirling in vortices at the center of your being (your chakras).

Sometimes this energy is positive.

But often, it’s negative and self-destructive… causing our life to zig when we want it to zag. Which brings us to the next point.
                                                          image source pixaby

When someone doesn’t succeed in life  when they struggle to attract money, or have a long-term loving relationship, or experience deep happiness  it’s often because they are not in-tune with their energy body.

For example, we know that more than half of marriages end in divorce.

 With a deeper understanding of our energy, we benefit from greater expressions of love, empathy and forgiveness avoid relationship-straining states like depression and anger and,  enjoy more mind-blowing sex.

The same goes for money.

Many of us struggle to create the income we choose. So we stay in jobs that don’t fulfill us or worry that we don’t deserve to make more money.

But when you tune into your energy  and clear away any limiting blocks you’ll discover that you can enjoy a life filled to the brim with abundance, passion and success.

Your intuition will go sky-high, you’ll be guided to profitable opportunities and you’ll trust yourself to make the right choice every time.

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