If you experience strong influxes of energy that seem to have no place to goinside of your body this energy system is for you. If beneficial spiritualenergies are arriving unto you, yet build up instead of being utilized by yourbody Light Body Integration will help you.When the energies arriving have qualified as having the energy signature of Eternal Sacred Source and thus have been allowed through your energyprotection fields into your body and still your body resists them, this energysystem will help teach your body how to use energies of frequenciesdifferent than it is accustomed to accepting.Light Body Integration assistsyour body to utilize rather than resist the moreintense energies of you that have arrived from the higher realms of you.This system is born out of my own need to teach my body how to accept andembody more of my own energies. I speak of Light Body for it is the fastervibrational frequencies of your soul being more present and concentratedhere in this reality.Rather than hovering above you or being at a distancefrom you, more of your soul energy can integrate with your body and aura.

2 Light Body can have many layers around you as in extending your aurafurther from your body, as well as inter-dimensional facets of connectivity.This is a phenomenon that is different for each person. Not only in regards towhat stage a person is in their spiritual development, but also in regards to actual configuration. This means that the structure a body’s spiritual light, life and love energy forms into is vastly different for many people. It will notlook the same from one person to another even if the person is in a similarphase of their spiritual development.This is important because many people who are clairvoyant are asked to describe a client or loved one’s light body structure to that person. They then compare that to what they have read about sacred geometry and light bodyenergetic structures to try andsee where they are in the ascension process.This comparison is in my opinion is counter-productive.It makes sense that a person would seek to follow instructions to assist theirown embodiment of higher light frequencies. It makes sense that whenthings are happening to us energetically that do not make sense, that we seek to follow a program that has been tried and proven reliable by others.There are many fantastic light body energy structure descriptions out there.There are many fantastic meditations, chants, invocation and activations thathave been proven effective for the vast majority of people. I propose thatyou use any of those that ring true for you. I encourage you try on any of those practice that call to you and see if they fit for you.They may indeed bea stepping stone. They may be all that you need. Chances are that if you arereading this, you are either still hungry for more, or have not yet found atechnique that completely fits your current stage of spiritual development.Pleasenever limit yourself to this or any one particular spiritual technique orenergy system. This energy system may be what you need now, but may alsobe a stepping stone. In truth I hope it is, so that where you go from here ismore you and more appropriatethan this one in a day soon to come.I believe that while there may be some basic energetic or sacred geometry structures that a person’s light body configuration or shape may conform to, there are others which are currently unheard of, which are perfectin that
3 moment for the person. Divinity changes expression and form based on whatis the most exalted expression and form at that time. This energy system is toassist your body to understand what is happening and use the energy thatflows through you fromEternal Sacred Source to sustain and enlighten you. By “form”, I am referring to the geometric shape s ofthe layers of energyaround and through your body. The old descriptions of energy body layers and shapes don’t seem to be sufficient to describe how people’s energy bodies (light bodies) are expressing themselves.In this manual, I am more concerned with teaching you how to teach yourbody to accept the more intense concentrations of you that have arrived hereinto this reality and into your body than I am in describing an energystructure.Under the assumption that each person is innately connected with Divinity itmakes sen se that each person’s natural energy is healing energy. Why then, when more of our own energy and beingness arrives here into our bodies, dowe feel worse than we did when we were basically remotely operating ourbodies?By remotely operating I mean to say that for many people, it seems like notmuch of their own soul energy is really here in their bodies. We are tetheredhere, and operate through our body, but only a small part of who we areactually reside here. We perceive the world through our bodiesand ourbodies are ouraccess to this world, but we are not here in all our fullness.Anyone who has had a descension knows the strange feeling of a strongeramount of you being here. So much lifeand intensity of emotion and gustsof power that are surprising at best and uncontrollable at worst. Bydescension I mean to say a dropping into your body of more of your soul andbeingness than what was residing here previously.Usually the descension is of the same personality configuration you alreadyhad here in your body. Sometimes an additional aspect of your own soul willride along and be dropped into you here for you to integrate into daily living.Please ask your teacher to attune you to my Descension Integration energysystem if this is a concern foryou. I would recommend it prior to accepting this energy system’s attunement for this one would be most helpful after Descension Integration if you have recently had a descension.
4 I postulate that it doesn’t matter from where the energy is arriving. If t heenergy influx you are experiencing has met the criteria for being of EternalSacred Source yet your body is not registering it as acceptable, education is needed. Our bodies like to protect us and will reject energies that don’t feel safe. Maybe your bo dy does like the energy influx yet it still doesn’t know what to do with it. This is an issue of education needed. • Maybe you are experiencing the energies that the Earth is receivingfor Her growth. • Maybe you are experiencing energies from the ambientspace thatEarth is moving through. • Maybe you are experiencing long requested and hoped for upgradeenergies. • Maybe you are experiencing the energies of an Angel or Guide,Guardianor Deity. • Maybe you are experiencing more intense energies of your soularrived here. • Maybe you are experiencing interfacing with another person whoseenergy frequencies are different than yours.(family member, friend or lover)There are many more examples I am sure that could apply.The reason I called forth this energy system is because stronger and strongerconcentrations of my own energy from my soul arrived here.That seemed welcome initially until I noticed that if I became embarrassed,there would be a rush of heat and intense emotion so strong that I felt like Iwas at risk of literally exploding.
5 As you can imagine, such was not a welcome feeling……such intense pressure building up instantly with nowhere to go. I tried to help it dissipateby changing my thoughts or sending it outthrough the spaces between myskin cellsto try to offload the excess.Grounding the energy down out of my feet did no good because it was me,not excess energy. It was as if I triggered a flight or fight response thatinstantly brought all of me arrivinginto my body from the inside.Obviously that much of me was way too much for my body to contain. Itwas excruciatingly painful. Think of when you throw up and the pressurethat can bust those little veins in your eyelids from the violence of thepuking.That is the pressure that felt like it was trying to escape out my arms,my chest, and my back and back of my head. Not so much lower body Irealize. But sending me out of my feet or back to where ever this much of me had just arrived from was not an option either. It is amazing to me just how vast each person’s being really is! We are not little, no not at all! Maybe we have not felt safe enough to be fully presentuntil now. Maybe we are at a different place in history and Divinity iscalling us forth inall of our vastness to be here in this reality on Earth ingreater strength. I do not know. I do know that I have experienced increasesin the concentration of my energy on a regular basis for several months now.Only recently have I been able to get a sense of what type of emotionalstates trigger the strongest concentrations of me to expand in my body tosuch degrees as to be disconcerting at best and pressure filled painful atworst. Many teachers have taught the power of emotions in manifesting.Wow.If feelings of embarrassment or concern that something was not doneright (as in worry of adverse consequence) can evoke full presence, howmuch more can love?!In the past few months, when activating energy systems, it has taken longerto feel them strong ly and differentiate the energy’s nuances. At first it was really scary because I was afraid that I had lost the ability tofeel the entire range of spiritual energies. I wondered if maybe I had donewhat I arrived here to do and now had lost some of theextra sensitivity that Ihad been gifted in order to channel the energy systems that have alreadybeen channeled and anchored here.
6 One of the triggers for my energy to arrive strongly and fully in a way thatwas too strong was to activate an energy system. It was like a child whosecuriosity with something was piqued and no one could make it turn away.That meant that all I felt was my own energy, not the joy of Divinity. Notthe Love of Divinity. Not the various nuances of all these energy systemsthatwere my biggest pleasures to feel.When the stronger concentration of you own soul, an expression of yourself that you would consider more enlightened, acts like a child who doesn’t care what you think, life as you knew it feels gone.So what is a woman to do when her own presence is in the way of feelingthe energies she loves? What is she to do when her body is not getting fed bythe energies she is accustomed to feeding it, because she is literally in theway? Cry. Throw a temper tantrum. Well, that did not help. I of courseasked for help from the Care Team. Initially they were not as responsive as Iwould have liked because they were so happy that more of me had arrivedinto my body and they did not have the authority to interfere with that.That is when Higher Self Will Alignment energy system was born because Ihere in this reality had to figure out why my own free will requests were notbeing met by my energy teams who have always been so very responsive. Ilearned that not onlywas I blocking the energy by being so very present herein a way that my body did not know how to integrate but that there wereprevious soul contracts in place which blocked interference in any way tothe arrival of more of me here into this body. That means that instructionsthat I and my team put forth prior to me being dropped into this body weresuperseding my own free will choices now.This was unacceptable to me. I fully believed that not only my comfort andmy ability to do the life purpose thatme and my soul were in accord on wasbeing impeded by a previous agreement we made. Obviously changes had tobe made. It is always more difficult to make such changes when a personfeels like they have reverted to the equivalent of their own stone age of notbeing able to perceive realities beyond here nor their own guides, guardians,angels and deities. I felt lost.The stronger concentration of my own energy was either not hearing me ordid not feel the need to comply with my request to please go sit ina chairand watch the proceedings without jumping in the middle of it. I had to use
7 less “interesting” flows of energy to gain new streams of communication with Divinity and my helping healing ones in the light. Only then did thisenergy system arrive to restore my ability to utilize Divinity’s energy for sustenance, guidance and comfort.I understand now why it is said that Divinity needed to differentiate itself from itself in order to experience the nuances of creation. In order for moredetail to be known and felt a being needs to be more differentiated fromSource. When the being in question is Creator, I can sure understand whythere was a need for Creation through which to experience and feel.This is also important for those beings who are not ina body. For thosespiritual beings who do not have a physical or semi-physical form throughwhich to experience realities such as Earth it is more difficult to understandthe nuances of those realities. That is why, in my opinion, many celestialbeings will merge with humans in order to understand the human condition.This is especially true if such beings have never been in a physical bodyanywhere or anywhen. Some of them will simply go to the equivalent of theAkashic Records for their soul group and immerse themselves there in theexperience of those from their soul group who have been in physicalembodiment.People often speak of wanting to be more one with Divinity. That is all welland good, but literally that would mean riding in on God/dess inbreath anddispensing with some of your individuation.Anyone who has done this even for a brief moment knows how disorientingit can be when you disengage from that conscious awareness and look outfrom your own eyes here in your body once more. I recommend my EkamConsciousness energy system if you would like to experience a vasterconscious perspective. So too if you would like to be more aware of life from Earth’s Soul, try Earth Soul Anointing.Anattunement is an education for your energy fields and all parts of who you are (even if you weren’t aware of anything happening after saying theattunement call in statement)…….and education about the energy system and a receipt of a key of privilege to activate these energies at will forevermore by their name and strong desire to receive their assistance.
8 Most energy system’s energies will follow your thought intent. That is to say thatright after you activate the energy system,if you hold your attention to(even briefly)the topic for which you are activating the energy system,it will attend to that area of your life for you.Many energy systems, Shaktiand other energy streams or rays will only stay active for as long as yourattention remains upon the thought of wanting them to be flowing for you.This is because this is a free will zone here on Earth and it is also important,spiritually for you to be sovereign in your spiritual life. This means that youare responsible for when you want the energies to assist you and mustconsciously reactivate them or hold your thought to the idea of wanting themworking for you in order for them to be “on” for you. Some spiritual energiescan do a lot in a short period of time.Nowspend afew minutes to inviteyourattunementforLight Body Integration.Simply say, out loud or in your mind: “I ask to fully receive myLight Body Integrationattunementas sent outby myteacherand made perfect by Eternal Sacred Source now !” Think of a ball of light and energy above your head that opens up andstreams down overyour headfor about 5-10 minutes.Now you have the privilege ofconsciously activating this energy system.Say, audibly or in your mind with strong desire to receive: “Light Body Integration, Activate!”“Light Body Integration, Activate!”“Light Body Integration, Activate!” Light Body Integration does need tobe activated more than once in order tobe most useful to you. Truly, anytime you feel that an influx of energy couldbe more comfortable or better received by your body, consciously re-activate the energy by saying the name of this energy system’s title w ith intent.
9 There are times when deeper instruction is needed in order for your body tounderstand how to work with the energies that are arriving. That is when Irecommend that you activate the Cellular Capacity Configuration energyfunction. Cellular: a s in your body’s cells, the smallest unit of biological life in the body. Capacity: ability to hold or the ability to understand andexperience or function. Configuration: Arranging the energy receptors inyour cells to be in a shape that allows for receiving the particular energiesyou are wanting to integrate and utilize. By instructing and assisting the organization of your body’s cellular receptors for the energy that is flowing in (or in the case of more of youhere, the energy that has already arrive d) … you are allowing for a deeper receipt and embodiment of the energies. Instead of the energy just flowingthrough your nadi channels (energetic circular system similar yet differentthan your blood circulatory system or lymphatic circulatory system) The word nadi is said to be translated into the word “nerve” in English. Its spiritual energy reference is more in regards to its function as energychannels rather than an actual physical anatomical structure.This is why I feel so strongly about teachi ng our bodies’ cells to accept more energy than they are accustomed to working with. Now we can truly embodyDivinity at a deep level. There is much happening in our world. We also dealwith the stresses of the space through which the Earth is traveling through. That can be felt as a pressure unlike anything we’ve ever felt before. Now is the time to give your body some extra help to deeply connect with theenergy that made you and that wants to sustain you. We don’t need to be feeling alone in this world . Divinity need not be just “out there”. Even having the spark of Divinity in each of us is not enough to feel fully connected with Eternal Sacred Source in such a way that webreathe in the energy and get to actually thrive on it.The energy of my own being was so strong and present. I could not get thatother part of myself to reduce itself to be contained in my body. This photo Itook of fireworks in the distance is representative of how it felt to be mewith my own energy trying to put out in all directions. Only, my body wasnot allowing it to even do what this picture shows. My own protectiveenergy fields were containing it. Yet as fusion, more and more energy wasbeing strengthened from within. It was not being refueled from without.
10 Somehow thecombination of my body as grail/ cup and my own soul’s energy was gearing up to what felt like an explosive combination. I havealways been hard on this body and that is why I have had an electrical glitchin my physical heart for a long time. With the grace of Divinity this body isstill here!Now it was time to up the assistance because just activating the energysystems I already knew of or had previously channeled was not enough.Now spend a few minutes to invite your attunement for Cellular CapacityConfiguration.Then activate it consciously by its name and follow theinstructions I give for you to direct the energy deeper into your body.Simply say, out loud or in your mind: “I ask to fully receive my CellularCapacity Configuration attunementas sent outby myteacherand made perfect by Eternal Sacred Source now !”
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Invite FriendsInvite friends to join Scribd 11 Think of a ball of light and energy above your head that opens up andstreams down over your head for about 5-10 minutes.There are infinite reasons when you will want to call uponthis energyfunction. The most likely ones are: • When an energy you’ve activated in the past feels stronger and you feel resistance from your body about accepting it. • When you are journeying with your consciousness and encounter anangel or deity whose presence is so strong that your body starts to pullyou out of that reality and bounce you back fully to here. • When you’ve experienced a descension of more of your own energy from your soul to you here and your body is resisting the amplitude. • When you feel waves of pressure or energy that feels Earth related orgalactic in origin or is simply from the space Earth is moving through. • When energy arrives that has passed your protection energy fields’ test for being of Eternal Sacred Source, yet you feel thatyour body isnot utilizing as much of it as is available and needed at this time. • When you activate an energy system you’ve just received an attunement to, yet you still feel your body resisting its flow. • When Divinity uses a rush of your own emotionalenergy usually in the form of embarrassment feelings as a barometer to let you know when your time could be better spent or as a guidance “no” to not go in that direction or say something you are thinking of saying. Say, with strong intention for your helping healing guides, angels andguardians in the Light of Eternal Sacred Source to communicate with your body’s consciousness so that it will like and trust this energy thus allowing the configuration to be anchoredphysically and inter-dimensionally.
12 “Cellular Capacity Configuration, Activate!”“Cellular Capacity Configuration, Activate!”“Cellular Capacity Configuration, Activate!” If you have been feeling a build-up of energy, an internal pressure, then afteryou activate Cellular CapacityConfiguration, here are the exercises to do.Consciously send the energy or your own consciousness that your energywill follow inward to the inside of each cell, right in the center.This is done just with whatever mental images you have for the inside of your body’s cells. It is important that you don’t try to send the energy out between your cells or through your skin.If you are more familiar with the thought of your chakras (energy centers)you may send the energy and put your awareness on one chakra at a time.It is that because of what is going on in the outer realities, it is more difficultto send energy outward sometimes. Please utilize your inner portals.Your inner portals are your connection with Divinity and various galaxies inthis reality and inter-dimensionally. There are inner portals through you,your own beingness however for the purposes of this energy system, I feelthat it is more appropriate to utilize your bod y’s inner portals. That means that we go through your physical body into the quantum realmsto gain access to the worlds beyond in a safe way.This is an always accessible route to Divinity and places other than here.So many people think of going upward and outward when we think of Divinity. So many people think of reaching for Divinity outside of ourselves.While there is nothing wrong with that, what happens when for any reason,that route of gaining support, communication and access is blocked by whatis happening in this reality and other outer realities?Are you to be maroonedwithout your usual inflow of intuitive information or energy support? No
.It is time, for more reasons than I could write here and many I have no clueabout, for people tobe educated on how to go within to connect with Source.This is natural for some of us. But usually it is a way to simply get centeredor go to your own inner sanctuary. I am suggesting that it is a means of transport for your consciousness that can neverbe blocked.There is more and more distortion and interference between this reality anddestination of our prayers. I believe that we naturally know how to do thisreaching within to reach without but may have forgotten. Religious doctrinehave often given us images of Divinity being up in the sky and so it is easyto always look up instead of within.I am suggesting that there are places within that are so vast that they caneasily accept the strength of energy which your body may be resisting.This manual is not going to describe specific inner portals, codes and towhere they might lead. It is about giving you a direction to point the energythat might feel too strong for your body. You are not offloading it or givingit away. You are showing the energy how much room there is and sending itinto another room to give your body more room to grow accustomed to it.So, activating the energy and consciously send the energy in questioninward. If you already have energy rooms inside your body, such as an innersanctuary, send the energy there. However, I have noticed that structures thatare physical are the best starting place, such as the nuclei of your cells
Then as waves of energy are still flowing, send it into the center of yourchakras, and then think of the inner realities and inter-dimensional energyregions of your body andchoose to notice a portal to another universe. Sendthe energy through that portal. Create this now! See its silvery water-likesurface that is permeable so that energy can pass through iteasily and does. Never worry that you won’t be able to retrieve your own energy (if that is what you were sending out by sending it deep within). Never worry that the strong energy you prayed for or activated won’t happen again. The most important thing in this moment is to make your body feel safe. It is through your body’s nervous system that you are able to feel most of the energies you want to feel. So that means that you need your body to be agreeable toletting you feel energies and for it to not beoverwhelmed by any energy. Freeing up space for your body to acclimate is the primary current need. As Cellular Capacity Configuration calibrates the amplitude and frequency of this new energy your body will begin to integrate your light body fully. When my own energy was in the way of me feeling energies I was veryaware how much my body was needed in order to feel in this reality.If itwas overwhelmed, then my own senses were limited and I felt cut off fromSource. This was not acceptable state of reality for me and gratefully thissystem was the response from Divinity to help my body and I am confidentthat it will help yours. Please remember to call on Cellular CapacityConfiguration for each new energy that you want your body to accept. There are unlimited Cellular Capacity Configurations that your cells can have in its “library” of recognized energies. Imagine a thin film on the surface of your body’s cell or over your chakras that reconfigures to the matching energy signature ofthe current flow.Now your cells or chakras can handle more energy capacity because they are properly prepared. Most people who practice Reiki or Seichim have been attuned to thoseenergy flows. They have a right to call upon those energies and activatethem anytime. Cellular Capacity Configuration takes that concept a stepfurther by configuring the entry points ofthe physical body and its energycenters to accept greater amplitude and frequencies of the energy systemsyou have already been attuned to.Light Body Integration is about integrating the energies we are calling uponand the increased concentrations ofyou into the physicality so that yourspiritual and physical bodies be as one.Light Body Integratiion

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