The very best thing you can do to start working with codes is to foster your trust in your own discernment and intuition. Those are your two paramount tools.
Sit down with the intention to receive and then see what doubts come through in that process. Maybe you get to the end and suddenly doubt whether it really is codes or just doodles. Perhaps it’s difficult to even open to receive anything because you are doubting. Perhaps it is not until you go to share it that the doubt kicks in. Find the part of the process where you are doubting yourself, delve into that and work on it with whatever tools or methodology you prefer. From there cultivate your trust. Drop the doubt, grow the trust. Once this is done (and it will end up being an ongoing process as you work with higher and higher energies), you will find it easier to allow the information to flow. Do not get stuck on the need to understand and label, and the information will flow freely.
If you have trouble remembering the symbols you are seeing say in dreams or meditation, allow that. They all come when the time is right. If you put judgement onto your “inability” you will block the flow. Accept that they will come as they are ready. Keep working on your trust.
What can you expect from working with codes?
Be aware that the frequencies of the codes will probably be much higher than you are used to. Even as you get used to them, you’ll start receiving higher frequencies still. This is no different to what you have been doing with each new wave of energy to the planet.
Sometimes your symptoms will be physically or emotionally challenging, other times you will be flying on bliss. You may experience anxiety or fears coming up as a code is readying to come through. That is it pushing up and out anything that cannot survive in its frequencies. Do not attach to it or feel the need to identify where it’s coming from (unless that’s part of your process, in which case go ahead). Allow it to be released in this fashion that is much faster than you may be used to.
Be prepared for nausea, dizziness, exhaustion, restlessness, digestive issues, headaches, body aches and any other physical symptoms that may or may not be typical “ascension symptoms” for you. You probably will not deal with anything as severe as “spiritual flu”, the energies will move through you quite quickly, so as long as you answer the call to code (ie- if you feel something coming through/that you want to sign/sing/draw — do it as soon as you can, don’t put it off), the symptoms will probably be relatively brief.
However, if you do not experience any of these, don’t think you’re doing it wrong. Everyone experiences differently, there is no right or wrong. Trust that you know what is best for you.
This is some personal advice that worked for me that you can take with a grain of salt (it will either totally work for you or not at all). In the beginning and whenever i work with particularly high frequency energy, i would often really feel like beer and red meat afterwards. It seems so counterintuitive when you think about all we know about “high-vibe”, but it helps to really quickly ground the energy i’m working with. For others, nature and physical movement, ocean, and those types of grounding techniques will work way better. For me, that only amplifies the energy when dealign with codes.
I’ve found that when dealing with energy influxes we often crave foods that we think of as “bad” for our bodies (and ones maybe that you had learnt first hand don’t make you feel good) e.g. sugar, alcohol, carbs, wheat, fats. If you are really listening to your body and that’s genuinely what it’s asking for, give it. Sometimes when shedding old cells the body needs food that it can bind the old to so it can exit the body. If you’re only taking in nutrients, it wants to absorb those and so has less to eliminate the old with.
There is no more good or bad, just trusting what your intuition and discernment are telling you. In fact, i’ll be drinking some wine and watching the rain as soon as i’ve posted this!
DRINK HEAPS OF WATER. it helps to move everything through your cells. Even if you think you’re drinking lots, drink way more. When working with the high frequencies your body needs double what it used to need.
I also want to share the way i feel about selling your codes. I’m all for it. If you can make a job out of coding then brilliant, you’re not worrying about doing other stuff. If that’s not your path and your codes are to be offered through your being in your job then awesome. To read more about why i think we should be charging for our spiritual work you can read this post:
Sorry if this has seemed harsh. I called in a new guide for the KOTC group and she is harsh. She is fierce. She is not putting up with ANY of our bullshit and has decreed that it is time for each and every one of us to step up.
We are the leaders. We are the forerunners. The flag bearers. Those on the front line. It is solely our responsibility to trust wholeheartedly in ourselves and our ability to fulfil our missions.
The time for doubt has passed. It is finished. No longer may we operate from that place. Doubt must be cast out from your life. You will work constantly in the face of doubt from the masses, so you must eliminate it from your own knowing so that you do not get pulled into their fear and doubt. That is your role. You will notice you’ve been doing this already in your life, just extend that to the codes.
She’s like a mixture of Kali and Quan Yin, but those energies at the same time. And she resides within the heart space of each of us. You may call upon her as you need. Make a habit of connecting to her regularly. Nurture her presence there as it will be your greatest ally. When you need to use that discernment and intuition, you will be tuning in to her too.
Her name is KaliNA, though she may present to you differently. That is part of our lesson of learning to trust our discernment. Trust that we can be receiving the information that is right for us, even if it looks different to everyone else’s version of it. Tune in to her and see who she is for you. She is your guide through the next phases of this journey with the codes.
I originally thought this would have much more of a question and answer vibe, but in the end it turned out we really needed to only know a few key things: trust, use your discernment and intuition, don’t stress too much about interpreting the codes and don’t look to others to validate your experience or information. And of course the introduction of our guide.
Thank you for reading all the way to the end. I know that we’re doing really incredible and next level work here and that it will only continue to step up. I think from here it’s super important to focus less on “what do the codes mean” and instead shift to “how do the codes want me to use them”. That is a hugely powerful shift in thinking that will take you to your next step every time.
Thank you so so much for being here with me. It’s so incredible to see how this community is growing and all the brilliance that is shining out. I am so excited to see what’s coming and it’s truly my pleasure to walk alongside you.
Deepest gratitude to you all for seeking me and this group out again.

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