Magical Energy for Manifestation

Spoken words allow that energy to become manifested. Like a switch being thrown somewhere inside, the act of manifesting the thought and emotion in speech releases the energy into the universe to manifest within our reality. Everything you say, think and feel is a magical act. That is why people who speak negatively ought to be quickly eliminated from your team before they even do anything physically, because they are already using magic to create defeat. Such people are the curse and doom bringers.

The principle of manifestation is that “Anything can be manifest by the manipulation of spiritual essence (magickal energy) and the application of intent, faith, knowledge, and focused will.” Since everything is made up of spiritual essence, and spiritual essence can take on any form (because form is simply a perception anyway,) then it can be influenced into taking any form. The methods of manifestation vary, and manifestation doesn’t always mean “appearing out of thin air” in a particular miraculous fashion.

In fact, the results of attraction are also a manifestation. A manifestation is the bringing into reality of the desired result. So if you focus on getting money, and find five dollars, that is how the results were manifested. Magic is all about results and manifestation is the true form of magic. It seems senseless for a person to be able to hurl fireballs, turn invisible, move things with the powers of the mind and yet have no money and repels members of the opposite sex. Magic is the power to get what you want.

Our thoughts are creative, yes, but only insofar as they define concepts and create within us a specific emotional state. The emotional state has a far greater effect on successful application of the principle of attraction than thought. The emotion is the vibration or the underlying energy and power of attraction. Even in a state of no-thought how you feel would still affect your reality. With conscious thought and feeling, you can create powerfully. Both are important however, and each serves a different function.

Emotion provides the need, but emotion without thought is chaos, and results with just emotion are completely unpredictable. This is where thought comes in. Focused thought shapes the energy and directs it to a specific result; much like the lens of a magnifying glass focuses light. The more focused and controlled the thought, the more certain will be the outcome, so long as the energy that is created from emotion matches the intent of the thought. Therefore the secret of magic success is to focus.

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