You Can Jump If You Want To

If you can walk, you can dance—and you can quantum jump. Your body is designed for quantum jumping, so learning how to improve your skills can be every bit as simple as making the transition from walking to dancing. The essential spirit of quantum jumping might be summed up in American psychologist William James’ words, “If you want a quality, act as if you already have it.” Sounds simple enough, right? Well, as you might have suspected, sometimes there can be a little more to it than that. If we were perfectly now-centric beings, with no worries for the future or regrets and misgivings about the past, quantum jumping would be much easier for the simple reason that we’d all be experiencing the benefits of having beginner’s mind. The challenges of jumping to a new reality become clear when we start doubting ourselves based on who we think we are based on what we’ve already done and what we think we can do. These areas are outside the realm of the eternal now, yet most people who don’t practice mindfulness tend to worry a fair bit about the future and the past. When we’re not mindful, it’s easy to get caught up in drama triangles in which we feel like we’ve been victimized, or like there is a “bad guy,” or that we need to rescue someone. What we need, in other words, is the ability to focus exclusively on who we’d most like to be and what we most need to be doing without getting caught up in all the drama we’re so used to in our everyday lives. Here’s where we can gain some insight from those who study the nature of reality and consciousness in the fields of neuroscience and physics.

Despite experiencing the world as a continuum, we do not sample our world continuously but in discrete snapshots determined by the cycles of brain rhythms.” Quantum jumping takes advantage of these usually unseen discontinuities, so we can make a leap from one reality to another as smoothly as walking through the one we’re already in. And one of the more interesting aspects of quantum jumping is that in addition to making a leap to a parallel reality, we’re making changes to our futures and our pasts. You’ve felt such changes happen to your future and your past any time you’ve felt increased hope for your future or gratitude for your past… as doubts, worries, regrets, and fears slipped away. As H.G. Wells said in the movie The Time Machine,

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