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Friday, 12 August 2022


 I'm tired of listening to Canadians bash immmigrants in Canada.

No matter where these people came from-they are Canadians now too.

Where do you all think we came from as well?

Canada is NOT falling apart despite what some say. If anything-we are stronger.We are still on the map.

Spreading Hate is above us.

They fought for freedom in supressed countries.They have experience,and they came to us.Embrace them for they are here to fight.For themselves,for Canada,for Freedom.

We are lucky to have them.Show a better example.

For we have more Warriors.

Friday, 22 July 2022

The 11:11 Movement

11:11 is known and agreed to be an awakening code for those who are being called to move towards their highest potential and begin living a more conscious and heart centred existence and life.
Awakening is a general term used when we begin to be more mindful of our inner and outer worlds and become more curious about how everything is connected to help us evolve on our own spiritual journeys.
“1111 is a very high vibration number that communicates confirmation, especially as it pertains to spiritual discovery and journeying.
When you see 1111 — a time, on a piece of paper, on a license plate, a phone number, on a sign, etc. — angels are trying to tell you something. It’s time to connect with your intuition. Whether your life is about to change for the better or it’s signaling you to take action for a positive outcome, have faith. A good transformation is near.

“When you see 1111 repeatedly, it means that you have not understood, accepted or believed in the message. It is believed that the angels will keep trying to get the message through because they are persistent.Stop being stubborn or obstinate. Pay attention, act on the message, and the number will stop repeating until the next message.

Many of us become aware of other synchronicities showing up such as repeating number patterns and other signs in nature and the world around us after the initial 11:11 awakening code.
Having experienced this for many years, our understanding thus far is that the 11:11 time prompt is just the beginning of our own divine story unfolding.
We are all the heroes of our own journeys with our own epic plot twists.
However it unfolds for you, each moment is divinely orchestrated and perfect.

Wednesday, 15 June 2022

Headwind—The Round Table Discussion

Headwind is a unique and visually stunning documentary series. Episode 4: The Round Table Discussion.

As a surprise to Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, we flew in Dr. Mattias Desmet for the very first meeting of these three leading experts on the medical and social impact of COVID. Dr. Desmet is a clinical psychologist at the University of Ghent, Belgium. He gained world attention with his theory of mass formation psychosis which describes the hypnotized state of the population during the so-called pandemic.

Thursday, 20 January 2022

Barbara Marciniak Bringers Of The Dawn | A Pleaidian Message For Humanity

Genocide at its finest and proven once again!
These transmissions are Government run
I posted before C19 about everyone taking care of themselves NOW,as something BIG was in the making
This was ( C19) definately planned