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Saturday 14 May 2022


 I’m writing to urge you to intervene personally to end Johns Hopkins University experimenter Shreesh Mysore’s project titled “Multisensory Competition and Spatial Selection: Neural Circuit and Computational Mechanisms.” For this project, Mysore imprisons barn owls in a laboratory, inserts electrodes into their brains, restrains some of them while fully conscious for up to 12 hours at a time, and records their neural activity while they’re forced to look at dots on a TV monitor or listen to bursts of noise delivered through earphones.

Johns Hopkins has been explicit in its acknowledgement that owls are used for these studies because their “midbrain is organized in a way that makes it relatively easy to track the activity of specific neurons.” In other words, the use of this species has little to do with sound science and everything to do with convenience.

Furthermore, Mysore has publicly acknowledged that experimenting on owls whose heads are surgically fixed in place could “change the way the brain is solving problems and we might misinterpret what’s happening, or misunderstand, if we do this in head-fixed animals.” Yet in his experiments, he attaches bolts to owls’ skulls in order to hold their heads in a fixed position, thereby rendering his data worthless.

In addition, public records obtained by PETA indicate that Mysore appears to have violated Maryland law by failing to obtain a legally required permit from 2015 to 2018 to possess barn owls for use in his experiments.

Given the lack of scientific validity, the possible violation of law, and the cruel nature of these experiments, I urge you to end them.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

Friday 1 October 2021

Quantum Leap the World into the Golden Age

 Battles are fought on many different levels. It is important we do our work on the physical plane and any other level we can. My expertise is doing battle on a spiritual plane, cutting darkness off at their energy supplies and giving energy to all the Divine Light Workers on earth. 

It is time for me to share some of my knowledge with you and if it feels right do the work and pass it on to others. 

From my perspective we are living the 4th Reich and have Nazis in power. This is the energy work that needs to be done to neutralize, tie and bind that dark energy. 

I call to Michael the Archangel to cut all ties to any one trying to give the nazi swastika any energy. We call the violet flame thru that symbol, to clean it up and fill it up with love. See the energy being redirected to it's positive direction bring Peace and Prosperity back to the planet and human kind. Only peace and prosperity are allowed to come through this symbol now and forever more. 

We ask that all positive symbols and saints that are being misused for dark purposes be cut from those who are trying to misuse them. Cleanse the symbols and saints with the violet flame and see their energy being redirected back to their positive direction. 

We ask the all star gates, time portals, time portal at Montauk, that are being misused to bring in dark forces or manipulate time on any level / dimension, be cut from those who are trying to manipulate them. We clean them up with the violet flame and now imagine them closed and sealed. Never to be opened again. 

See all the Machines used for this purpose breaking down. NOW Including any Tesla machine. HAARP, ElF,Vril machines, Micro wave towers, Sonar machines and computers anywhere on in and around this planet. 

We cut the ties to anyone trying to manipulate humanity through the energies of the Morphogenetic Grid. See any Machines being used for this purpose breaking down and no longer functioning. Cleansing the grid with the violet flame we now fill the grid up with so much Divine Light that the Grid is reactivated in the Light. See the Divine blueprint of humanity and earth being brought down into physical manifestation, Quantum leaping into the earth and everyone on it into the Golden Age. See This integration for everything on the planet being gentle loving and kind. 

We ask that all those who are choosing to do dark work/black magic on the planet, including Lucifer, Satan, Neflilm, ET's of any kind, the gray's dracos, reptilians, reptilian-hybrids and all their seed, no matter what dimension they are on including all the God and Goddess that honor war, death, destruction chaos, have their energies tied and bound. We ask that they step forward into the Light of the Divine and help us bring the world into the Golden age Peacefully. If they choose not to, which is their free will, we ask their guardian angel and their Higher Selves to put them all in positions of harmlessness...And have them replaced by light workers. 

We call the Goddess of Truth into everything they do. No more secrets. Cut their ties to each other and what ever secret societies they belong to. Removing any energy veils that have been placed on humanity so people are Divinely conscious again. I ask that all their energy sources and money supplies be cut from them sent through the violet flame to clean them up and redirected to all the Light Workers on the planet now. 

I ask that all elementals of war be cut from their masters (guns, knives, cluster bombs, all bombs, tanks, all military vehicles, ships, planes, rockets, spy satellites, computers, any nuclear weapon, laser weapon, germs any bio-weapon, chemicals, sound towers, bullets, Tesla /Vril machines, any psychokinetic machines. Any elemental that is being asked to hurt or harm earth or anything on in or above it. As the ties are cut we call the violet flame through them all to clean them up and the Angelite energy to heal. Now fill all the elemental up with Divine Love. See the elementals recharging in the Divine Light. We now COMMAND all these elementals to break down and no longer function for darkness. And keep breaking down. 

I call to Michael the Archangel to cut all ties to any dark force that is around any light worker, we tie and bind that dark force, send it through the violet flame to clean the energy up and send it back to the Divine. Fill that space up with an Angel of Protection and Love. See all light workers filling up with so much light that they become Divine Magnets for everything they need to fulfill their Divine Missions. See all light workers and their families/friends totally protected at all times. I ask that all light workers and their Divine Missions are placed in a bubble of invisibility so they cannot be seen by the dark forces...See all the groups standing up for humanity putting their ego's aside and working together/helping each other on all levels. 

If this energy work strikes a cord with you say it once a day and the energy will grow and amplify Divine Light on the earth. 

Hold a crystal while you recite and it will amplify your words. 

Form a bubble of light and imagine all your words gong into this bubble and release it to the universe to take and amplify.